O Canada!

I'm smitten by your Olympic mittens!

Even our Vice President has these mittens. Say it isn't so Joe! Yes, he's taunting us with the red mittens!

Well, I'm hoping for some luck. I was blog hopping the other night, and randomly found a cool new design blog. Well new to me at least, called Cafe Cartolina. And the blog is hosting The Great Canadian Mitten Giveaway.

I entered the giveaway as many times as possible. I even get another entry with this blog post. I'm obsessed!

The winner is announced on Monday, February 22nd. Wish me luck! And thank you for the giveaway Fiona!

*Updated 2/22/2010* I won!!!!: )

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Fiona Cartolina said…
Thank you Anali!
Good luck ;-)
I have my mittens which were only $10 a pair at The Bay. The proceeds go towards equipment for the Olympic athletes. They can also be purchased on-line at the Olympic store if any of your readers don't happen to win...you will of course:D
alessandra said…
I wish you good luck!
Tracy said…
Those are some seriously cute mittens! Thanks for the tip, Anali... And good luck to you! :o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Lisa Johnson said…
fiona - Welcome! And thank you so much for this sweet contest! : )

bellini valli - I think you're positive vibes here had some influence in the cosmos! I won!!

alessandra - Thank you for the good wishes! It worked!

tracy - Thanks for the lucky wishes! I'll have to take a picture with my mittens when I get them. ;)

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