More Than A Baker's Dozen - A Giveaway For Bakers

The term "a baker's dozen" has always intrigued me. A baker's dozen is 13 instead of 12.

It appears that the term goes back to the 13th century and comes from an English statute from the time of Henry III (1216-1272) called the Assize of Bread and Ale.

A baker who was found to have given customers less than a dozen could be severely punished. Possibly losing a hand to an axe. So to be extra careful, bakers gave one more item than necessary. Just in case.

Why have I been thinking about dozens and baking? Because I have a giveaway for you! Dozens and dozens of Eggland's Best eggs and more!

You don't really have to be a baker to win. To find out more, click over here!

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Wendy said…
Hi - here from SITS! I am in NC now, but here from MA! I am going to check out your egg giveaway - I love baking!
Pamela Gold said…
I am a baking fool.... Was just thinking of making some of my signature chocolate chip cookies today! Heading on over to learn about your giveaway. Found you at SITS!
Lisa Johnson said…
wendy - Welcome! Thanks for the entry!

pamela - Thanks for the visit! Those cookies sound good. You can never go wrong with a classic! ; )

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