Monday, February 15, 2010

A Baking Lesson: White Whole Wheat Flour

For the longest time, I've been reading food blogs talking about King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour. Whenever I would think of it, I would look for it at the Quincy Hannaford, Stop & Shop, and Good Health Natural Foods. I think I even looked at Trader Joe's.

I never saw it. Until a couple of weeks ago. Finally I found it in Quincy's Stop & Shop. So I scooped it right up!

I made some corn muffins with it, which were really good. I'll definitely buy this flour again. So far, there doesn't appear to be a more inexpensive store brand, so King Arthur it is.

Now there was one slight mishap and I'm not sure if it was the flour or me. I used this chocolate cupcake recipe to make a single layer cake for Valentine's Day.

The cake was still really good, but the consistency was off. As I cut a piece to take it out of the pan, it crumbled into pieces. I was so disappointed! #cakefail Good thing it wasn't for public consumption!

I topped it with a vanilla glaze and used chocolate chips to make a heart design on top. It was pretty cute before I cut it. *sigh* I only used white whole wheat flour for the cake. I thought it was supposed to be fine for dessert and did not need a mix of all-purpose flour or cake flour. Maybe I needed to use more liquid?? Am I missing something? Any helpful hints out there?

*Updated* I just grabbed another piece of cake, and it appears that after a night of refrigeration, the cake is holding its own and slicing much more normally. #cakesuccess

Maybe we ate it too soon after baking last night? We cake!

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El said...

King Arthur makes really nice flour. We buy 15 lb. bags of the stuff. It's amazing what one change in flour can do to a recipe. I'd still like some of that cake though!

T. said...

I've had things be a little more crumbly with regular wheat flour, so I don't know - I don't think it was you.

I would love to go on a day trip to King Arthur in Vermont with you some time - I hear the store for baking equipment, products, and ingredients is like Disneyland for bakers up there.

Nance said...

Sounds like it's time for a quickbread experiment with that flour. Banana-nut? Date? Apple-Cinnamon? Can't wait to hear.

Anali said...

el - I probably need to keep more flour around than I do. I have so little space!

t - What a great idea! When it gets warm. I'm so looking forward to this! Oh, we'll have fun making plans for this!

nance - You know me too well! I made apple banana bread last night! I think I overcompensated with too much liquid. The cake ended up with a sort of pudding like center. Which actually is quite tasty, but not what I intended.

Jewls said...

Yum, cake! I should cook with whole wheat flour more often, sooo healthy!

Just poppin' in from SITS, happy Wednesday!

Christina said...

king arthur is the only way to go! : )

Anali said...

jewls - Thanks for the visit!

christina - I bought some of the all-purpose flour this weekend. Now I'll just mix the two. I made some scones this morning and the mix is perfect!

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