Lemons To Lemonade

Have you heard about the movie Lemonade?

A few days ago, I listened to an On Point podcast called Life After Layoffs and they talked about the movie. It was really quite interesting. Especially for those of us who've been laid off at one time or another.

Today I found that you can watch Lemonade for free online on Hulu. Lemonade is just over thirty-five minutes and I watched it today.

I enjoyed it and recommend taking a look. You can also buy the DVD, if you'd like to support the project. The beginning is rather heart wrenching and for me, brought a few personal memories to the surface. You hear each person tell how they were laid off and the myriad of emotions that they dealt with. But it does get more inspiring from there. The movie focuses on advertising agency people and how unemployment helped them to discover the next phase of their lives.

One sour spot to Lemonade was the rather surprising lack of diversity in the film. I'm not sure if that has to do with the make up of advertising agencies or what. But I guess others will have to tell the lemons to lemonade stories for people of color.

I did read on the website that there is a Lemonade book being written. They were collecting essays from people telling their stories of reinvention. Anyone could submit their stories, not just former advertising agency people, but it looks like there was a deadline of January 15th.

If any of you see the movie, I'd be interested to hear your reactions. What do you think of the concept of lemons to lemonade?

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El said…
This film looks really interesting. I'm definitely going to watch it. I had no idea you went through this. I'm so sorry. You've definitely turned a difficult situation into something more positive. You're an inspiration!
Lisa Johnson said…
el - Hope you liked the film! And thank you for the kind words! ; )

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