My Inner Child & The FAQ

The landscape of this blog has changed a bit over the past week. You may have noticed a few new things that I’ve added and others that are now gone.

First, my inner child is getting excited about the holidays, so I decided to show you her picture. She’s missing her two front teeth, but don’t worry. She can still eat Christmas cookies. No problem there!

She lost one of her teeth while eating a huge pastrami sandwich and was quite upset until she learned about the tooth fairy. She and her family were visiting Montreal at the time. Her father loved road trips and would drive them all the way from Massachusetts during the summers. She was in Montreal the year after the 1967 World’s Fair, which celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Confederation.

Unfortunately, this important piece of history was lost on her at the time. However, the trip did forever give her great memories and a love for Montreal.

So while my inner child is enjoying her stay on the blog, let’s talk about some of the other changes here. For two years, I was a member of the BlogHer Advertising Network. It was a great experience, but I realized that I needed a bit more flexibility than the network allowed.

Now I’m accepting advertising and sponsorship directly. So any businesses out there, large or very small, please contact me to find out more about the new opportunities here.

If you have questions about these changes, feel free to send me an email. Thank you for your continued support!

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Esme said…
You were at Montreal Expo-I was at Montreal Expo in 67-I wonder if we met and it just took us 40 to meet again.
I love it when the inner child sneaks out in all of us this time of the year. Montreal is a vibrant city with so much history. I do remember 1967 when we had our Centennial celebrations.
Nance said…
Losing teeth was always traumatic for me, and I don't know why. It wasn't that it hurt so much, and I did hate waiting for the new one to fill that space, but I always did panic when I got a loose tooth.
El said…
Such an adorable picture. I love it!
Lisa Johnson said…
esme - I was there the year after in '68. Missed you by one year!

bellini valli - It was so random that I even remembered that I was there. So interesting hearing that others were there too!

nance - It is kind of traumatic unless you've been prepared for it. I mean out of the blue, part of your body falls off!

el - Thanks! ; )

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