When Life Kicks You

Life kicked me in the nose yesterday. The butt too.

Before I get into what will be a long and winding post, let me tell you about this picture. After I told G the news, and we were getting ready to watch President Obama speak, we decided that cocktails were in order. I had some lemons and limes at home. Ah, the symbolism!

I squeezed the juice from 3 lemons and 2 limes into a pitcher. Cut up one of the lemons and limes into wedges and tossed them in. I added about 4 cups of water, and stirred in about 1 1/4 cups of sugar. Then I grabbed some glasses, added about 1/4 cup of Southern Comfort to each and filled with the lemon/limeade. Spectacular!

So how did life kick me around yesterday? Well, I won't go into specifics, but I think life just taught me a huge lesson. You can't pursue your dream half-heartedly. You have to make the full leap. No matter how scary. Otherwise things blow up in your face.

I made a choice to do something that was safe, even though it wasn't really what I wanted. And it actually took away from what I wanted. Because of this first choice that wasn't right, when another opportunity to do something that I wanted came along, I had to turn it down. Holding on to a security blanket for too long held me back.

Then yesterday, the security blanket completely fell apart. I should have never chosen it in the first place. It wasn't right for me. Looking back, I don't know why I didn't see it before.

But after reading this blog post and really thinking, it made me make a decision not to choose it again. I've learned my lesson. I'm going to focus on the positve and move forward. Lemons to lemonade! Once you make a decision like that, there's no turning back.

Today I was looking at an astrological forecast for my birthday. Here's an excerpt.
"...beginning September 11th through the 16th, Venus touches upon our relationships and material worth. What are our aspirations (Jupiter)? What is at the root of what keeps us from achieving them (Chiron)? Let's become attune and figure it out (Neptune). Then let's bravely take the self out of its comfort zone and make the difficult but necessary changes to move forward (Uranus)."

It really makes sense to me with what is going on right now. So while I pick myself up and dust myself off, I'm playing my theme song by Jem for inspiration, and holding on to the support of family and friends, both on and offline.

You bloggers out there. Do you know how much one post that shows kindness can do for someone? When I came home yesterday and was trying not to cry, I read this post by Tracy and it really made my day. Thank you for the post Tracy. And thank you Se'Lah for the Gift of Jewels Project.

And Esme! Where to begin with you? HUGE thank you to you! She wished me happy birthday on her blog.

She awarded me the Lemonade Stand Award and the Friendship Award.

I'm overwhelmed and grateful. Again, I'm going to stray from the rules with these awards. Many bloggers are deserving of them and have been so good to me. So for those of you who would like these awards, please consider yourself awarded! Enjoy!

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PixieDust said…
I'm inspired to hear how your taking that knock on the chin, and giving it a body slam! Lemon to lemonade always.

I hopped over to Tracy's blog, and that is a beautiful card for the Gift of Jewels... not that I'm surprised your card would be spot on, after all three lovelies are about to be similarly spoiled when they receive your postcards!


So So Simple said…
Hi Anali You will be probably sleeping now and waiting for your birthday. Hope it is a good one... did you like the Jacqui Lawson Card.
Have Champagne and just enjoy.
Happy Birthday.
T. said…
Happy Birthday (early), my dear friend. I hope you're all right and that this bump in the road leads to other paths that inspire you and bring you joy, as you so greatly deserve!
Tracy said…
Hi, Anali! I am so sorry you had a difficult day which really rocked your world--in not the best way either. But it sounds like you've discovered some epiphanies along the way that will make you stronger and try again for that dream--the real dream. :o) A good drink to drown sorrows and buck courage is not a bad idea either--LOL! ;o) The lemon symbolism here is profound! Thank you for the sweet mention...I'm so glad my little post brightened your day. Receiving your postcard sure brightened mine. :o) Wishing you a happy weekend ahead...Have your birthday festivities begun?!
Josephine said…
oh, i'm so sorry you had a bad day, but i know lots of good will come out of it. sometimes i think when we fall out of line with what we truly want, we need a big wake up call that we need to go a different path. it can be hard, but it is for the best.
Se'lah said…

I hope today was better than yesterday.

So glad that the postcard you received as a part of the "Gift of Jewels" project brightened your day.

I like to think those missed opportunities weren't ours to begin with; we can't have what was never meant to be ours. Whatever it was, it was simply meant for someone else, and something even better will come along *just* for you...and YES you will be ready :D
Nance said…
Not sure what all of that meant, but I hope that you rebound with your usual good nature intact. I don't like all the cliches and platitudes that don't really say much or make anyone feel better, so I'll just say that I hope for the best for you, as always.
First, happy, happy birthday (and I need to go off and read the other posts like Esme's that you referenced)! Second, I needed this post today ... I've been under that security blanket a little too much myself, and while I'm really happy about some exciting things that have happened with my mission in the last few days, I need to do more. You've given me the kick I need to say Yes to something that's been in my In Box.

Many hugs, dear!
Parisbreakfasts said…
I hope that theme song is Jem's It's Amazing. It's mine thanks to you Anali :)
Where would we be without the occasional knock to bring us to our senses. I just had one too and I'm glad of it. As long as it doesn't knock you out of course.
It's hard to learn when you're feeling secure and complacent (I'm talking about me here..)
C'est la vie
Bon Chance!
Lisa Johnson said…
pixiedust - I'm so glad that you got the postcards! I can't wait until they all get sent out and we start receiving them. So exciting! :D

so simple - Thank you so much! I loved the card and had a really nice birthday.

t- Thank you! I'm hoping that it was all for the best. And I appreciate your concerned email. :)

tracy - All the birthday festivities were wonderful! One was postponed though and hopefully can be rescheduled.

josephine - Thank you for the kind words. I think I "got" my wake-up call and don't need another! ; )
josephine -
Lisa Johnson said…
se'lah - Thank you for the birthday wishes! I'm so curious and excited about my Gift of Jewels! Hopefully I'll get it soon!

michelle - That makes me feel much better. That there's something even better just for me! I'm looking forward to it!

nance - I appreciate the comment. Sorry to be so cryptic!

shirley - I'm glad that this post helped! Good luck with your new venture!

carol - Yes, that's the theme! So glad that it inspires you too. And "c'est la vie" sums it up quite nicely.
can-can said…
Life lessons are repeated until they are learned, so learn this recent lesson well and hold on to it. Have a great and good life! There is no safety any where any more it seems. Your security has to come from your resilience and ability to meet what life deals you (with your faith and friendships). Happy birthday.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Thank you for the birthday wishes! It was a good one!

"Your security has to come from your resilience and ability to meet what life deals you."

That is great advice!

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