Limited Quantity - Obama Fabric For Sale

I just received an email from a new friend of mine, who is the President of Cross Cultural Collaborative. Here is more information about her from the website.

"Ellie graduated from Rhode Island School of Design in 1960 with a degree in Art Education. She was an art teacher and supervisor in public schools for over 20 years and taught adult education classes in the Boston area.

She was also a professional potter and part owner of the Cambridge Artists Cooperative crafts gallery in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. Always attracted to African art, Ellie took her first trip to Ghana in 1978. Since then she has returned many times to research and study traditional crafts, do volunteer teaching and take people on crafts and culturally centered tours of Ghana.

She now devotes herself fulltime to directing Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. and facilitating workshops held at its cultural center in Ghana."

Ellie was in Ghana while President Obama was there. She found some fabric and has a limited amount for sale. See the first picture above.

The price is $15.00 per yard plus shipping.

Please order And check out Cross Cultural Collaborative's website to see what's new. Photos are courtesy of Ellie Schimelman.

Thanks for letting us know about the fabric Ellie! Get it while you can!

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Tracy said…
What wonderful fabric! I can see making an Obama handbag with that! :O)
Parisbreakfasts said…
Got any MICHAEL JACKSON fabric?
Or JANET for that new hero since the VMAS!
Lisa Johnson said…
tracy - That would be a cute bag. : )

carol - I'm sure that someone does! I've been a fan of Janet since she was Penny on Good Times. I'll never forget that episode!
Parisbreakfasts said…
I don't think I ever watched that, though I was huge fan of her music way back.
She has a gift song on her site..
christina said…
this is just a beautiful, beautiful post. and the photos, are lovely.
Lisa Johnson said…
carol - I didn't get to hear the song, but she does have a cool website. I'm following her on twitter now too!

christina - This fabric is such a great slice of history to hold on to for later. What a cool time we are living in!

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