Jem - It's Amazing - Official Video

I love this video by Jem. The words and music to this song. "It's amazing. It's amazing. All that you can do. It's amazing, it makes my heart sing. Now it's up to you."

Can a song be any more inspiring? It's the theme song to the new movie Julie & Julia, which is opening tomorrow. I'm so excited to see it.

It's about food, love, blogging, and making your dreams come true. That you can really change your life. And that it is based on two true stories makes my heart feel so full and happy.

Another true story involving food and changing your life keeps popping up on my radar too. Did you read about the Mortgage Apple Cake? I first read about Angela Logan a few weeks ago. Her house was getting ready to be foreclosed upon. She needed to earn some money fast, so she decided to do what she loved. Her family's apple cake was always a hit, so she decided that if she could sell 100 cakes in 10 days at $40.00 each, then she could earn the money she needed.

Logan's baking, hard work, and determination worked. The Hilton Hasbrouck Heights and Bake Me A Wish! joined in to help her and she's saved her house. Read the article here.

Maybe her story might end up a book and a movie too. Who knows? Stranger things have happened. All I know is that when you combine hope, food, and love, magic happens. It's amazing.

*Update + correction 8/13/09* I just saw the movie yesterday. Loved it! I'll be posting soon. Sadly, this song by Jem was not in the movie and it's not on the Julie & Julia movie soundtrack. I guess it was just used to promote the movie.

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Jennifer said…
This post puts me in such a good mood. I hadn't heard the story about Angela Logan, many thanks for sharing. Lovely!
Nance said…
Anali, I tried to hit up your blog all day yesterday, and only the header and one ad came up. Just wanted to let you know. Maybe it was due to your twitter feed and their outage.
Suldog said…
I loved Julia Child. Her show was one of my faves. From the previews, it looks as though they have her to a T in the movie.
giz said…
Angela's story is entirely inspirational - it just makes you believe that you can do anything you really set your mind to do.
Lisa Johnson said…
jennifer - I'm glad the feeling spread! This post put me in a good mood too!

nance - Thanks for letting me know. I've noticed all sorts of weirdness with this blog too. Blogger has so many issues...

suldog - I agree about the previews. Meryl Streep has Julia down!

giz - Thanks for dropping by! We need to hear more stories like Angela's. It makes each day feel sweeter.
Can-Can said…
What an inspirational story! I'm remembering a line from the Bible - when you make one step, God will make two (or something like that). Thanks for sharing.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Glad you liked it! ; )
I'm so far behind on your blog and others ... I saw Jem in concert several years back in a very small venue (my college alma mater) and she did this song and she was amazing. It's a shame that she hasn't hit it really big yet.

And, I think it's odd how a song will seem to be associated with a movie and then you go and it's nowhere to be heard. Shirley
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - I'm behind on everyone's too. I made a few rounds tonight and hope to catch-up soon.

That must have been great seeing her! I don't know why she isn't more famous either. I guess it will happen in time.

It was so odd when the movie ended and I realized that I never heard it. Well, that's the worst that I can say about the movie, which isn't bad at all. ; )
Parisbreakfast said…
I just heard this song tonight browsing in H&M and had to copy the lyrics on a scrape of paper...who knew it would bring me here Anali! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
carol - That's so funny! I guess the most random searches can bring you here! ; )
Parisbreakfasts said…
It's Amazing is my new "Theme" song
Merci Anali!!!
It's great to hear first thing in the morning.
Lisa Johnson said…
carol - I feel the same way about it! It energizes and inspires me. I play it over and over and feel better each time! ; )

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