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I'm still brimming over with emotion over Michael Jackson's passing and I'm trying to find a positive way to channel my energy. I watched the tribute and memorial today and was reminded of all of Michael's philanthropic endeavors.

My friend A called me soon after the program was over and reminded me of the project that his wife was working on. I wrote about her organization before and the work that they do bringing clean water to Africa, Liberia in particular, where she is from originally.

The organization is FACE Africa. Below is an excerpt from their website.
"FACE Africa is helping communities across Liberia address some of their basic but critical needs by bringing to them innovative and life-changing programs.

We accomplish this mission by identifying programs that have shown to be effective in other developing countries and replicating those programs in Liberia.

We particularly support programs that affect primarily women and children and can easily be adapted, owned, and sustained locally."

FACE Africa is currently in the running to win $30,000.00 from All For Africa. Read more here and see an excerpt below.
"The organization that receives the highest number of votes will be named a Beneficiary of the Palm Out Poverty Initiative. As a beneficiary, the organization will receive a trust that will cover its operational expenses, up to $ 30,000 per year, for the next 30 years, allowing such organization to focus its internal or other donor funds on its core activities."

Please vote for FACE Africa and help them fund their work in Liberia. You can vote multiple times a day until the deadline of Friday, July 10th.

FACE Africa is a local Massachusetts organization with an international mission. You don't have to register or do any heavy lifting. With just a simple click, you can make a difference a world away. As we have seen with the worldwide reaction to Michael Jackson's passing, we remember how very connected we all are and how small a place the world really is.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas spoke most eloquently at the tribute today. She's put forward House Resolution 600 honoring Michael Jackson as "an American legend and musical icon." In the Resolution she writes about all his humanitarian efforts. They are staggering. And probably not all of them.

No matter his faults and peculiarities, the man did a world of good too. These things, my childhood memories, and his amazing music are what I choose to focus on today.

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AVIANA said…
hello there,

i've been gone for a long time. things have been happening and i'm trying to take control. however a few people i know run this website. i thought you might be interested in it.

have a nice one and please smile and dance to a michael song. :)
K. said…
Ah, Lisa...I have been in tears over this...his memorial was so moving and I feel so terrible that he suffered so much in his lifetime! He was so misunderstood! I want to write a post too...maybe tonight...Thanks for this...
Josephine said…
i didn't see the whole memorial, but i did see a clip of his daughter speaking, which made me almost lose it. among all the hoopla surrounding his death, to me, that was the purest of heart.
dmarks said…
This is interesting. I learned something with this post. I had not known about this before.

There's been a media saturation about MJ for a while now, but it seems to mostly mention his dancing, "Thriller"/etc sales stats, the will, and the child abuse situation. If it's not that, it's Bubbles.

Good to know about the important things.
Ching Ya said…
Hi Lisa,
First visit and I thank you for sharing this message with all of us. Sometimes it's important for us to focus on the positive sides more, and the incident taught us to notice the neglected, things we took for granted. Who are we to judge?

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Lisa Johnson said…
aviana - I hope things pick up for you. I saw the 2010 thing. Interesting.

k - The whole thing is so tragic. I get a knot in my stomach just thinking about it.

josephine - I totally lost it too! And poor Brooke Shields, you could tell she was really struggling to hold it together.

dmarks - Glad to provide something worthwhile and different. I appreciate your comment. : )

ching ya - Welcome! You must have found me from my RT. Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by.

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