Happy 4th of July from Boston!

One of Boston's Swan Boats up close and personal.

America's First Family up close and personal. I just saw this photo on flickr and couldn't resist.

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Belated happy 4th! Oooh, I want to go on the swan boat! Beautiful pic of the first family ... thanks so much for sharing it. :-)

Parisbreakfast said…
Love the swan photo and the Flickr white house site!!
Rhea said…
I live in Boston and was too lazy to go downtown and see the fireworks over the Charles. Could it be my age? That thought actually went through my head.
This family is so real and lovely!
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - I cannot believe the 4th is already over. This summer is flying by!

parisbreakfast - It's a great site isn't it?

rhea - I think we take it for granted when we're so close. We assume we can go every year, so what's the rush? I used to go see fireworks every year for many years and now I just don't care anymore really. But maybe that's just me.

slices of beauty - I love to see them!

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