Can I Just Scream For A Minute?

So I go to MSN to check my email and end up seeing this tawdry headline, Divorce drama Wife, 37, wants $99M from much older husband, right on the front page. Somehow I can't seem to keep myself from reading it.

Well, first my preconceived notion was wrong. I had assumed that she was was the one leaving him. The husband, George David, 67, was actually the one with the girlfriend. He's worth close to 300 million. But she's a Swedish countess. And he complained that she was too bossy. Did he really expect royalty to be quiet and easy to manage?!

Anwyay, I won't get into all that. What got me was her expenses. The article says that Marie Douglas-David's "needs are not simple" and they aren't joking.

Her weekly expenses are $53,000.00. Weekly! This includes $8,000.00 for travel, $4,000-plus for clothing, $1,500 for restaurants, $1,000 for hair and skin and $600 for flowers.

I'm getting ready to go food shopping and am happy that I was able to find a Smart Balance coupon. $53k is an annual income, not weekly expenses! $8k a week to travel. Where does she need to go every week? Can I just scream now??

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Suldog said…
Unreal. I can't ever wrap my head around folks who think that it's somehow their right to have whatever lifestyle they've previously become accustomed to. We have no right to anything other than that earned by our own sweat, or given us by others because they truly love us, and... oh, to hell with it.

If you start screaming, I'll gladly join in.
Josephine said…
sure you can scream. i'll take over after your minute is done.

seriously, some people have no shame. it's appalling how people can embrace greed in our current economic climate.
Ching Ya said…
Some people have all the luck huh. ^^ Can't imagine the weekly expenses like that. So surreal. I just hope the money could be spent on something much worthwhile.

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SE'LAH... said…
Don't scream. It's all perspective. What's weekly for her may be annual to others and only a dream to even more but it's her money to spend. Money is only paper in the end.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - It's really unbelievable. And she'll probably get an amount close to this! And thanks for screaming with me.

josephine - I bet she doesn't even see it as greed. Just her normal day to day I guess. Okay. I stopped screaming so your turn!

ching ya - I do hope that she gives away a fair amount to charitable causes. *sigh*

se'lah - Too late. I already screamed. I know that money isn't everything. But it sure as hell helps!
Can-Can said…
I'm screaming, too, seriously. Luckily - I was able to find nearly free joy today - at the beach at Wollaston. Imagine: the waves lapping against the shore, the breeze, and peace. What I could do with the money this woman squanders but who knows what else she has that I don't want.
Lisa Johnson said…
can-can - Wollaston Beach is such a relaxing place. Yes, that is free joy! ; )
Brandi Reynolds said…
wow. I can't even wrap my head around that. 8K for travel-was she going to new zealand every week?
Lisa Johnson said…
brandi - Exactly! How this is necessary I can't imagine.

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