Still Friendly

I went to my local Friendly's today and am happy to report that I received my free scoop of ice cream.

I love Butter Crunch!

Friendly's was very organized and well prepared for the giveaway. Even though there was a long line, it moved quickly.

They had several people who greeted you immediately. All the employees that I encountered were quite friendly. We were given a pencil and a form to fill out choosing our flavor, the type of cone, or if we wanted our ice cream in a cup. It was a very good system.

Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly except for some comments made by some kids behind me that I tweeted about.

And this balloon that decided to fly away.

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Operaton You said…
um, um, sounds good to me.. When anyone or any business gives away anything free, ring the alarm!!! That's awesome!
Yippee! Glad it went smoothly and I like your choice! ;-)

Eva said…
Yum! Free ice cream is the best kind. :)
Nance said…
I love your balloon photo. I am saving it for wallpaper.
Jen said…
Free Butter Crunch to enjoy during a sunny day...Seems perfect to me!
Good and plenty said…
Great photos and post. You've brightened my day.
Lisa Johnson said…
vchelle - I am so with you on that!

shirley - Luckily everything went smoothly. I was so glad. I really don't like to blog about things going wrong.

grey street girl - And I heard that free ice cream has no calories! : )
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - Thanks! Enjoy!

jen - It was pretty nice!

good and plenty - Thank you! I'm so glad! Well, that perked me up too.
K. said…
Oh, I love that balloon flying away picture!!!
Lisa Johnson said…
k - Thank you! : )

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