Food, Fine Art, & Friends @ Vlora Restaurant

Over the past couple of weeks, there hasn't been as much blogging here. I've been caught up with life off-blog.

Enjoying these hydrangeas. Having dinner for Father's Day. The diy chair project was so much fun that it started me on another organizing frenzy. I may paint this chair again and use some fabric to sew a new cover for the cushion.

I've felt the need to change the look of my living space. I love art and have many pictures hanging on the walls around my apartment. Because of what I took down, put up, and replaced, I now have one extremely blank wall. For now it will have to stay that way.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to enjoy some art with my hanging buddy N, who I've mentioned here before. I received an email about an art exhibit featuring the work of Erla Shehu . There was no cover charge and free appetizers as well. Plus the exhibit was being held at Vlora Restaurant, which is co-owned by a friend from law school who I hadn't seen in years. It would be a chance to see her, get together with N, see some art, and try some food. Sounded fun to me, so we went.

The art was beautiful. The colors were bright and cheerful. Erla has very fine and detailed work with many images of women and children. I remarked to N that if I had a daughter, she would be a great artist to draw her portrait. On Erla's website, I noticed several food related pieces that I really like too. Especially a watercolor called Cafe, which would look great on my now empty wall.

Besides the art, I saw my friend C, who I recently got into contact again with through LinkedIn. C and her husband A own Vlora and have done a wonderful job with it. The restaurant features authentic Mediterranean cuisine and has a great vibe to it. There's a waterfall inside, cool little twinkly lights on the ceiling that look like stars, plus some cozy outdoor seating. And the convenient Copley Square location doesn't hurt either.

The appetizers were wonderful! One in particular really stood out, watermelon with feta cheese on top. It was an amazing burst of flavors and textures all in one. Since I always disclose freebies here, N and I did receive glasses of wine on the house, but even if I hadn't been given the wine, I really love this restaurant.

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Nance said…
I've heard of the watermelon/feta salad recipe many times, but I've never tried it. Not a fan of feta, but the combo is so very intriguing!
Good art, good food, good company: a perfect hattrick of a combination. Thanks for the tip. I'll try to score the same combo when I visit Vlora.
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I love feta! Just bought some actually and want to try this at home.

whalehead king - You will love it!
Oh, that is too funny ... a friend just brought watermelon with feta to our support group meeting. It was wonderful!


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