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This past week was rainy, cold, and cloudy in Massachusetts. And for me personally, there was much room for improvement. Yesterday was the exeption. A sunny bright spot. The rain vanished. The clouds passed. The sun came out and it was warm.

Even though I'm far from being a little girl, sometimes I still need to see my mom. And I truly appreciate that I still can. So I changed my plans and spent the day with my mother. We had a wonderful time!

We stumbled upon a yard sale and I bought a chair for two bucks! It's a plain sturdy chair and not too cute, so I'm going to paint it and get some new fabric for the seat. I'll do a before and after blog post within the next few weeks hopefully. If you follow me on delicious, you can see that I'm preparing for my chair make-over.

These pictures are from another day that I spent with my mom. We walked around the yard and I took pictures. Plus she gave me some flowers, which always make me happy.

I was also given the Lemonade Stand Award by Shirley of gfe--gluten free easily. Thank you so much for the award! It's funny, because before she gave me the award, I recently started saying "lemons to lemonade" and added it as a tagline to one of my email signatures.

Also, I was tagged by Denene of the gorgeous blog, Style & Inspiration. Check it out if you haven't already. It was quite an honor to be listed as one of her favorite bloggers in the company of such a wonderful group. Thank you again for the kindness!

One of the things that the meme requires is that you list six unimportant things that make you happy. I'm not sure that anything that makes you happy is unimportant. After all, what's more important than happiness? Nothing that I can think of. But here are six in no particular order.

1. Al B. Sure, because he's on my mind and pretty much all the time that I'm online, I'm repeatedly listening to the sampler of his new CD.

2. twitter.

3. Cupcakes + Cookies.

4. My morning cup of coffee.

5. My flickr favorites.

6. Laughter.

And in keeping with my proclivity for not following the rules to these memes and awards, I'm changing things up a bit. Take a look at all the links on my sidebars. Anyone listed there can consider themselves one of my favorite bloggers who inspire me each and everyday. Consider yourself tagged for this happiness meme and give yourself the Lemonade Stand Award too. Congratulations to you all!

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Eva said…
I'm so glad you got to spend the day with your mom. And, I can't wait to see the before and after shots of the chair! Hope you have a great week!
Asha said…
Hello and bye to you Anali!I fell ill for 3 weeks after I came back, feeling so much better now.

I see you too had a wonderful time with your mom, so did I after many years, loved it. Great pics, specially with flowers your mom gave you. Enjoy her. Now that my kids are grown, I can visit my mom often.

We have blazing hot weather here, it rains for a while now and then. Enjoy the awards, I will see you again in Fall.Take care!:))
Tess Kincaid said…
You are so lucky to have a good relationship with your mom. Cherish it.
Very nice. And I agree. I do not think that unimportant and happiness belong in the same sentence.
Suldog said…
Thank you, Anali! As I already have the Lemonade Stand, I will not double dip! By the way, with your foodie background, I think you might get a kick out of my entry today - when you get a chance :-)
K. said…
oops...I just tagged you for the 6 uninteresting things in my latest post! But, you did it already...good!
Nina said…
My lillies are starting to open...that makes me happy for sure. First and foremost, every year I'm amazed that I managed to somehow not kill them!! They are surely a bright spot in all the rain we've been getting here in Ohio!
I love your first photo with the shadows. Very lovely post. Time with moms is precious.

Indeed, anything that makes you happy is important. It's the ability to appreciate the small things taht make for a fuller, more satisfying life I believe.

See ... you really deserved that Lemonade Stand award--how timely. :-)

I like how you changed up your other award! Great idea, and congrats!

shilpa said…
Spending with mom sounds lovely! How's the chair coming along?
Lisa Johnson said…
grey street girl - The before and after shots are up! As you can tell, I'm very behind in answering my comments.

asha - It's so good to see you back in blogland, even if it is just for a little bit! I'm glad that you can see your mom more. And enjoy the summer!

willow - I agree and I do!
Lisa Johnson said…
endangered coffee - We are of like minds!

suldog - Loved the apple sauce post! Your wife is hilarious!!

k - Thanks! I guess I beat you to it!
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - We've been having a lot of clouds and rain here too. Flowers sure are a bright spot. Enjoy your lillies. I'll be looking for pictures!

shirley - Thanks again for the award and for the kind sentiment behind it!

shilpa - So good to see you around here again! The chair came out great and the post is up!
Anali-Again, you're quite welcome! Just FYI, I'm updating my sidebar categories/content and have added a link to your site finally. Now, we're "even"! :-)

SE'LAH... said…
What a nice day with your mom.

Yard sales are the best, aren't they?
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - Thank you so much for the link! I really appreciate it. : )

se'lah - I'm so looking for more yard sales this weekend! ; )

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