A Poll: Divorce And The Recession

I'm doing a bit of research and am trying to see some numbers.

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FH said…
Looks like I am the first one who voted! :D

See you in June.
Chris said…
The checkbox for the poll isn't lining up right. I think I inadvertently just accidentally declared that I was getting a divorce. Which means if my wife finds this I might actually be getting a divorce.

Although then I'll be able to answer this question more accurately.
Josephine said…
I think I read a similar topic on Glamour's Smitten blog. I think it said that people tend to *not* break up because it's so expensive and inconvenient, and the recession makes it all the more hard?
K. said…
very interesting poll...I haven't heard about how the economy is affecting divorce rates...hmm I'm wondering now...
vicki archer said…
Interesting thought which I hadn't had until I read your post here. I guess the recession would have a huge impact on financial carve ups. I will be interested to know your findings, xv.
Not so much delaying divorce, as being forced to remain in the same living arrangement, with one having one half of the house and one the other. Very sad.
Nance said…
A bit off topic: Blogger has terrible trouble with embedding polls. I've tried with pollcode from about 10 different sources and all of them end up with problems, some more severe with others. Blogger still has not resolved this issue with putting polls in the body of posts. I wonder why. It's frustrating, as Chris has noted. Sigh.
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - Thanks for the vote! : )

chris - I don't understand why that happens. Very annoying!! But thanks for voting, even though it may cause a divorce. : )

josephine - I've been reading about it too and figured I'd try the poll. It's hard to get people to vote though!

kirti - The poll was on a whim, but I didn't get enough votes to really see much a trend. If I had a few hundred votes maybe, but it didn't happen.
Lisa Johnson said…
vicki archer - I'll give more information about this later. : )

endangered coffee - I did see that in my research too. Not the best situation.

nance - Sometimes Blogger really annoys me. I did one poll here that was fine, then the last two have had this problem. We can put a man on the moon, but Blogger can't make the poll questions line up?? Gah!!!

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