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By now, many of you know that I'm a big flickr fan. I love adding to my flickr favorites and then watching a slideshow.

I've also started joining flickr groups and contributing pictures to group pools. Well a few months ago, I joined the group Sweet Treats, which has over 1,700 members. By the name of the group, you can guess that the focus is on sweets, which have a special place in my heart and stomach.

Today, I learned from Rhonda aka "obsessedwithcupcakes", that I was picked for the group's Getting To Know You Discussion. What a surprise and a treat!

So if you're interested, you can read my submission here and learn more about the group. And if you think you get hungry visiting my blog, well be really prepared before you click over to look at these Sweet Treats!

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K. said…
Congrats! Great interview...
Suldog said…
I'll head over there right now to have a look!

By the way, I've got a recipe over at my place today. If you like tuna...
K. said…
Gosh, I keep mentioning you in posts! I picked Miro this week for my FAF...=)
Lisa Johnson said…
kirti - Thank you! And nice Miro post! The first post that I inspired by guilt! ; )

suldog - I checked it out! Great recipe! It reminds me of a bread salad that I saw on a cooking show recently.
Hey, that's cool! I enjoyed your interview, the treats you picked, and the ones you shared. :-) I am pretty new to Flickr with my blog photos (and having the two linked), but am amazed by the awesome photos there. I didn't know about Sweet Treats either ... oh dear, something else I won't be able to resist!

Great post. i love the combo of granny smith apple, brie and smoked turkey in the sandwich with very nice grill marks. It made me hungry :P
Lisa Johnson said…
shireley - Thank you! The more I learn about flickr, the more I love it!

jackie - Good to see you here again! I agree about the sandwich combo. It's something that I need to try at home. It's so simple, but so good!

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