Dancing To The Cookies!

We've all been there. Something's gone wrong and you're really annoyed. You have to call ABC company about X and you're put on hold. The music is horrible! Why must the torture never cease??!! Well, not so fast.

I'm getting ready to bake some cookies and will soon be dancing around my kitchen while I do so. Dancing to what you ask? Some "on hold" music!

Read the post Some Music For You To Listen To, by blogger Jim Sullivan aka "Suldog" and you'll understand why. Then listen to the music. For real.

His company MarketingMessages has some awesome on hold music. Check out these new releases that he put together.

And when the cookies are cooling, I'll be chilling to some of the smooth jazz that's on there too. Oh yeah. Thanks Suldog!

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Hi, Anali!--First, is that a new photo in your heading for May? I love it! I want to visit that spot.

One of my favorite doctors has the most awful "on hold" music ever. It's something akin to "It's a Small World." Imagine that playing over and over ... I have hold the phone away from my ear and then pay attention for when the receptionist comes back on. LOL He's had it for the entire time I've been seeing him. He's so wonderful otherwise, I can't complain about that (even if I'd like to).

I listened to most of these tunes long enough to get the essence of them. Centipede was my hands down favorite. It made me want to dust off my Bob James vinyl and put it on. Still might later after I'm done running some errands. I liked Sea Dream after that. I have to confess that a lot of these tunes, while different and energizing might annoy me while on hold. I kind of prefer laid-back music for on hold ... like the kind the massage therapist plays when I'm getting a massage. :-) A lot of these tunes would be great in movies as the scores or for complicated series of scenes (e.g., an Oceans 11 or Mission Impossible type movie). Dark Path brought back memories of Devo--oh, no! Back to Basics was funny with the sounds similar to water dripping. Roll Your Own ... LOL Anyway, thanks for sharing ... BTW, I didn't know the rule about not being able to play radio or CDs--it makes sense though.

Enjoy your cooking baking! I like to play music while cooking and baking, too. Robert Palmer is one of my all-time favorites--again, vinyl, and not his hits that everyone knows. Snow Patrol and Tracy Chapman CDs are also ready to go.

SE'LAH... said…
What cookies are you making? Love the way you just go with the flow.
Once upon a time, a slight lack of patience + on hold music might have driven me to the brink.
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - Yes, the header is new for May. I'm glad you like it! I change it every first of the month. I get bored very easily and having the same header all the time would drive me nuts. It's one of my pictures from the Arnold Arboretum that I blogged about on Earth Day. I took so many pictures!

se'lah - The cookies are going to be part of a blog post, so you'll find out within a week or so. No cookie reveal yet! I'm trying to schedule different posts and I'm not sure how I'm going to space them yet.

Oh, and bad hold music does drive me nuts! I can be very impatient. That's why I was so happy to hear that it doesn't have to always be like that. Good hold music does exist, so companies with bad hold music are intentionally inflicting it on us. How rude!! ; )

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