The Cupcake Stop

I'm finding all sorts of tasty feel good news from a very surprising source - the American Bar Association Journal.

My inner editor is filtering out the bad economic news and dwindling prospects for finding a full-time legal job. Instead I'm focusing on the sweet in general. Cupcakes to be specific. I think it's a recession cupcake coping mechanism. Yes, my ability to delude myself is keeping you informed about cupcakes.

And not just any cupcakes! You know how if we aren't baking cupcakes ourselves, we have to go and seek out cupcakes? I know! The hastle! Recently in Seattle, a new cupcake bakery ran out of cupcakes and the situation was not pretty.

Well, that kind of drama is about to end in New York City. There will soon be a cupcake truck that will come to you. The Cupcake Stop will be the Big Apple's first mobile gourmet cupcake shoppe.

When I first read the article, it reminded me of a Jay Leno joke. "How fat are we as Americans getting, that we can't be so bothered to go and find a cupcake? We have to have them delivered to us."

Well, I guess some of us are getting a bit corpulent. And I think that the Cupcake Stop is going to do smashing business. Cupcakes are serious comfort food. And comfort food that finds you? It couldn't get much more convenient.

The official launch of the business isn't until Wednesday, June 3rd, but they are still around now. You can find find locations and times by following them on twitter. I've also found an interesting list of street food vendors that you can follow on twitter. I'm saving this list for future reference!

What especially attracted me to this story was the lemons to lemonade situation that Cupcake Stop founder, Lev Ekster found himself in. Read an article excerpt below.
"Ekster was a student six months ago, spending long hours at the New York Law School library in preparation for a legal career. But when the economic crisis dimmed the now-graduate's prospects of securing a full-time position with a firm, he turned to another passion: entrepreneurship. [...]

On one of many law school study breaks at a downtown bakery, Ekster found inspiration for his next project. "He asked, 'Why can't a cupcake come to me?' " company spokeswoman Marie Assante says.

Ekster said the long lines outside the West Village's Magnolia Bakery drove home the fact that cupcakes are in high demand in New York."

Why can't a cupcake come to me indeed? I think this New York business needs to expand to Boston.

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Nance said…
The hell with cupcakes! BRING ME A LOBSTER! lol
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I think I'd like lobster AND cupcakes! ; )
Whowouldthunk the ABA Journal could be so useful?! ;)
Lisa Johnson said…
Isn't it hilarious? It makes me wonder what I could find in Popular Mechanics. As I wrote that, I decided to Google it and see what I could find. Lo and behold, I found an article there with some tips related to cooking!

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