Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea + Cookies = Wonderful

A cup of hot tea and cookies can make you feel cozy on a chilly Spring evening.

I have a product review of POM Wonderful’s juice and a cookie recipe just for you. See it here.

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Asha said...

Nice to have on chilly days indeed. We have 70F today!

I saw Doubt, great movie, love Maryl Streep in that! :)

Happy Easter, enjoy the weekend.

Suldog said...

I always loved pomegranates as a child. Split one open, suck on the seeds. Not everybody's cup of tea (pardon the semi-pun) but I enjoyed it.

Anali said...

asha - I have to add "Doubt" to my list of movies! You are my go-to movie person now! Happy Easter to you too! ; )

suldog - My mom loves them too! I don't like eating the seeds though, so the juice is great for me.

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