Subway Stories - The Recession Edition

In just over two weeks, it will be this blog's three year anniversary. Three years passed in a snap! I've been thinking about what I'll post on the actual day, but I still don't know.

Today, I was looking at my sitemeter, seeing who found me and how, and came across something interesting. Someone from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, came in through a Wowzio page that compiled the Subway Stories that I've written. Well, not a complete compilation, but headlines with teasers and links to each of the posts. Kind of cool, but also a little jarring to see all those stories in a location other than on my blog.

So it got me thinking about the MBTA's plans to cut service. As you might guess, people are pretty outraged. It also got me thinking about the last time I had even taken the T. Since my layoff, I don't commute into Boston everyday, so I drive most of the time I need to go somewhere. Reading through some of my Subway Stories made that all the more clear. I really hope the economy picks up soon. There appear to be "glimmers of hope."

Well, if you're interested in some of my many adventures on the T, read through some of these Subway Stories. I'm still looking for work, but maybe I need to take the T just for the writing material.

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Eva said…
The one and only time I was in Boston, I loved taking the T. It was not only fun, but the fellow passengers were so helpful and friendly. I'm sad to hear they may be cutting services back.
Mizrepresent said…
Hey Anali,

Just dropping by to say hello. So glad to see you at my spot and to know you are still here.
CareyCarey said…

I wish I had something wise to say but I am basically being nosey. I saw that you visited a friend of mind.

Your blog made me hungry. You have a nice peaceful spot. Black women lawyers have a special draw, and you can cook. You're a writer as well ...very interesting.
K. said…
Love your "pondering" quotes...I LOVE and collect quotes...thanks for the inspiration--I'm going to have to display some of my faves!
As for the T, I'm from Mass too and it makes me sad as well...of all the subways I've been in, it's my favorite!
Suldog said…
It's both exciting and scary to find your blog posts someplace else. Exciting and scary - rather like some rides on the T :-)
T. said…
It was through one of your Subway Stories posts that I first found you! I'm so glad. Oh, and through St. Therese of Lisieux too, I recall...had we both posted a quote by her, or something like that? In any case, glad to see another edition of Subway Stories!
So So Simple said…
Hi Anali

You got me thinking my first post Feb 20th 2006 God 3 years as well.
So we have been friends for 3 years How 'bout that?
Hasn't that time flown

It was 3 years since we were in Boston during our 5 week stint in New York City.
It was such fun. This year we are off to Europe. Croatia, Amsterdam and France. Can't wait.
Hey it was fun catching up with your Subway Stories.
dmarks said…
I followed the link, and was surprised to find that the people there still call Ho Chi Minh "Saigon". I would have figured that decades of re-education, and pre-conquest people dying off, might have erased the traditional name.
Lisa Johnson said…
grey street girl - I'm glad the locals were good to you!

mizrepresent - Thanks for dropping by!

careycarey - Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the food and your visit here. Stop back again!

kirti - A good quote can keep me going when things are tough, so I try to keep them close!
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - LOL! Exactly like some rides on the T! :D

t - It's so funny trying to remember how we found each other's blogs. I'm just so glad that we did!

so simple - Time sure does fly Gilli! You're getting to be a friend from way back in the day now. Your trips sound great and I'll be looking forward to your pictures and posts!

dmarks - I guess it will still take some time. 20 years maybe? If you've been calling it that you're whole life, it's probably hard to suddenly stop.
shilpa said…
wow 3 years!!! Congratulations....Travelling on the T are so much fun..You never know who's going to get on...

Keep writing!!
Lisa Johnson said…
shilpa - Thank you! I will! ; )
Jennifer Taylor said…
I've never been to Boston. Here in the south things are so spread out, and subways aren't that plentiful. We must have cars or commute with others. I hope you find a job soon, one that you will really enjoy and will pay your expenses.
Lisa Johnson said…
jennifer - Welcome! I just dropped by your blog and saw your lovely pictures of Charleston, SC and that you live in NC. When I visited NC, I was very surprised at how spread out things were. I plan to visit SC one day and hope to do some family history research on my father's side.

Thank you so much for the well wishes for my job search. They are much appreciated! ; )
Brandi Reynolds said…
awesome photos! isn't it cool when you see a hit from somewhere really interesting? I had one from romania the other
Lisa Johnson said…
brandi - Thank you! It delights me everytime!

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