The Premio Dardos Award

Sometimes the right thing comes along just when you need it. I was having a rather blah day a few weeks ago, when I found that one of my favorite bloggers, Los Angelista, had given me the Premio Dardos Award. Thank you Los Angelista. You made my day!

Earlier today, I saw a blog post called "Give It Time." The blogger shows several picture of flowers taken at different times, so the lighting had changed. As the light changed, the flowers appearance changed too.

The blogger, onesilentwinter, said, "Give it time and things will look different soon." I think that's a pretty nice sentiment for when we are going through something difficult and need to see things in a new light. Things change, we see things differently and often feel better.

So back to the award. What is the Premio Dardos Award? "Premio Dardos means "prize darts" in Spanish. It is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing."

I did a little online digging to find the creation of the award. There seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding the Premio Dardos Award, but I think I may have solved it with the help of Google Translate and this post on a blog called The Thrillionth Page. I didn't have the virus or malware warning that they did.

I could be wrong, but from what I can see, a Spanish blogger named "Dardo" created the Premio Dardos Award back in February 2008 and he's still blogging. If this is true, well, here's to you Dardo. "Thanks for the award by way of thousands of other bloggers."

The rules state to accept the award by posting it on your blog along with the name of the person that has granted the award and link back to his or her blog. Then pass the award to 15 worthy blogs.

I’ve found that many people don’t like blog awards, so I was hesitant about actually passing this award on to 15 of you. But instead of worrying about that, I’m trying to be Zen. Maybe you’ll pass on this award or not. Maybe you’ll read this post or not. You all inspire me in your unique ways.

Collectively, you blog about cooking, food, travel, design, parenting, children, parents, spirituality, movies, music, dance, philosophy, teaching, students, society, words, photography, the practice of medicine, the practice of law, getting your PHD, sickness, loss, life, death, humor, pets, wild animals, guns, politics, race, religion, grammar, writing, fashion, depression, love, marriage, divorce, and sports. And more topics that I can think of right now.

You’ve all commented on my blog at least once, which always makes me happy. Some of you are new bloggers to me. Others have been blog friends for years now. I found all of your blogs in different ways. And its usually hard to remember exactly how, but I’m glad that I found each of you. At the very least, in no particular order, here’s a list of 15 cool blogs to visit.

Grey Street Girl

Dept. of Nance

Birth of a Notion

Joy Rebel

Notes of an Anesthesioboist

Palate to Pen



Silvered Glass

Dr. Mosi’s Kraal

So So Simple Food

Preaching to the Choir

Cynical-C Blog

Gluten Free Easily

Red Thread

I hope you accept your award. Congratulations!

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K. said…
You know as I was reading your post I decided that I would leave a post to congratulate you on your award, but then much to my surprise I see at the end that you awarded one to me! Gosh, Anali, that is very sweet of you since we haven't known each other long... I am honored--thank you! Oh, and congrats to you too!
Eva said…
Oh wow! Thank you! This just made my day. And, I can't wait to check out the other great blogs and pass this along to 15 of my favs.
Nance said…
Thank you very much for the Award, Anali. I'll post it in my sidebar and take it from there.
Wow, I came here to copy the link for your post on the banana-coconut cake and I find this award for YOU and me! Oh my goodness, how exciting! What a great way to start my rainy Monday. :-) First, my sincere congratulations to you! Second, I am blown away by you giving me the award. I am working on my post on the Banana Kahlua Coconut Cake (my adaptation of your Banana-Coconut Cake), so I'll include my acceptance in that post and add to my sidebar also (when I figure that out LOL).

Thanks so very much, Anali. I am truly honored.

giz said…
My first visit to your lovely blog. Congrats on the award and to the other recipients.
Josephine said…
oh, thanks! i'm so flattered and honored! this totally brightened my da :)
K. said…
Hey just wanted to let you know that I put my award on my sidebar with a link to your site! Thanks for giving me my first award! =)
Brandi Reynolds said…
thank you! not only for the nod (sank you, sank you) but for also showing me some other cool blogs to visit as well.

I'm glad we found each other on the net!!!

btw, 'here's to you dardo' *snicker*
Lisa Johnson said…
kirti - Thank you and you're welcome!

grey street girl - I can't wait to see the blogs that you pass it on to!

nance - You're welcome! I peeked at your sidebar and it looks great. :D

shirley - I'm so glad that you like it! I'm looking forward to your post!
Lisa Johnson said…
giz - Welcome and thank you for the kind words!

josephine - You're welcome!

kirti - The award looks great and thanks for the link!

brandi - You're welcome! Thank you for spreading the joy; you rebel you! : )

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