The Pink Of Perfection

April 22nd is Earth Day.

Look here
to see how I used POM Wonderful's juice and bottles in keeping with the spirit of Earth Day. There's a recipe too, so check it out!

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So cool ... both your reuse of the POM bottles and those lovely naturally colored cupcakes! I didn't even know you had another review blog--cool!

Earth Day is almost here ... remembering what we need to do to protect it. It's easy to focus on the living earth when everything is bursting into buds and blooms. :-)

Nina said…
I wonder what happened to Earth Day being a really big deal. It seems as though it's kinda least around here. That's really too bad.
Lisa Johnson said…
shirley - The review blog is just recently being put to use. Things seem to be picking up though!

nina - I was thinking the same thing. Just a few years ago it seemed much more publicized. I just happened to look on my calendar and it was marked. Otherwise, I might have missed it.

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