Joy Rebel Army Gathering Strength!

I'm counting down to my blog's anniversary. Three years on April 29th! I'm so excited and will have a fun and tasty post for you!

Maybe it's immature to feel so happy about this. But with the economy being where it is and swine flu making its unwelcome appearance, I'm accepting joy where I can find it.

And speaking of joy, did you know that I'm a JOY REBEL? What's a JOY REBEL you ask? Well this joyful venture was started by blogger and photographer, Brandi Reynolds.

I love Brandi's spirit and philosophy of life. She can tell you better what her mission of joy is about. So let me share her words. She issued a Press Release. And in these times where it's so easy to feel down and out, we all need to find ways to lift ourselves up. We all know what hope can do. Imagine adding joy?




Dallas, TX-April 25, 2009

They come from all walks of life and across the world. Joy rebels. There may be one in your own neighborhood.

What is a joy rebel?? A joy rebel is a member of an elite army started by Brandi Reynolds in early 2009. Brandi was tired of the ‘must fix list’ tirade found in most of the self help section and decided she wanted to have some fun, reclaim joy and live a fully authentic life.

And then she invited some friends and they invited some friends and now an army of strong, crafty, fun loving, authentic men and women all over the internet and blog sphere have taken up her cause and marched into the streets and across their web pages with…heart shaped sticky notes. And sidewalk chalk. Oh and warrior names that reveal their innate talents like ‘bubble blower extraordinaire’.

They do things like leave notes in books for others to find. Write joy in sidewalk chalk. Hug trees. And generally wreck havoc on the doom and gloom population glued to the network news.

Anyone committed to the sublime art of being their authentic self is welcome to join this rebel army. Potential warriors can join at There they will be welcomed into a community of amazing humans, receive weekly missions and get a badge to add to their blog or web page. They should probably not be averse to glitter glue.

Let’s make this a joy nation. Join today!!!
{Brandi Reynolds is a photographer and joy rebel that clearly doesn’t take herself that seriously. For more info, you can contact her here: or visit her website here:}


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Brandi Reynolds said…
thanks for spreading the word!!! And congrats on three years!

I've had a blog presense for about 4 years now-not always at the current address though. Here's to more happy years in blog land.
Lisa Johnson said…
brandi - You're welcome! And thank you! It's funny that I feel like my blog birthday is my second birthday.
K. said…
Wow, 3 years! How wonderful...congrats to you and here's wishing you many more...
The Joy Rebellion sounds like a GREAT idea...=)
msladyDeborah said…

I love visiting your site. It is always a nice mental pick me up.
Suldog said…
I think I like that idea. I did some "random acts of kindness" for a while - putting coins in expired parking meters, sending out an anonymous letter with a dollar inside, stuff like that - and it sounds similar.
Jen said…
Congrats lady! Cheers to many more posts!
SE'LAH... said…
Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!!! That's great. And Joy Rebels rock!
Love this concept! Anything for eradicting Doom and Gloom. Doom and Gloom folks attract more doom and gloom.

Lisa Johnson said…
kirti - Thank you!

msladydeborah - Good to see you around here again! It always inspires me when someone says such kind words. Thank you!

suldog - I love when people do that! The anonymous letter with the dollar inside is a really cool one!

jen - Thank you!

se'lah - Thanks!

shirley - I agree. There is way too much doom and gloom!

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