Which Way?



Or fly away?

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Suldog said…
I think it's so funny that I recognize the light. It's across the street from "William Caddy Park", right? The reason I know this is because I lived on Caddy Road in Dorchester, and it was named after the same fallen soldier. Weird little tidbit, but there you go!
Nance said…
These days, I'd love your third option. Sigh.
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - Sounds good to me too!

suldog - I don't think I ever noticed the name of that park. Thank you!

nance - It would be nice to jet off somewhere wouldn't it? Especially someplace that is consistently warm right now.
Parisbreakfasts said…
beautiful peaceful pictures...
but I think I have to go look at the CHICKEN AGAIN!!!!!!
OMG :)
Liz Dwyer said…
I'm with the "fly away" group! So exciting that spring is coming! :)
Lisa Johnson said…
paris breakfasts - Thank you! I have to work on the chicken post asap. I cannot believe how long it is taking me to get to it. Soon!

los angelista - I can hear the birds chirping outside my window and the sun is shining really brightly. I love Spring! ; )

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