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*Updated 7/8/09 - See below*

I'm always about dessert. "Eat Dessert First" is a motto that will forever speak to me. Save savory for last. But sometimes you taste a soup that rocks your world. I found that soup at The Elephant Walk in Cambridge this past Sunday. Loved it!

The Elephant Walk is a very well-known and much-loved establishment in the Boston area. I've never heard a bad thing about them. Still haven't. I've always wanted to go, but it just never happened. My friend N and I were talking and she asked if I'd like to go there during Boston's Restaurant Week. Well, of course I wanted to go!

From when I arrived, the hostess and our waitress were both very friendly and attentive. Our service was excellent. We ordered from the Three-course Tasting Menu.

As I write this, of course, I'm looking for links and found many. They have a website, a blog, and you can follow them on twitter. They also have a cookbook and cooking classes! You can find just about all you need to know before arriving at one of their three locations. And if you don't want to leave home, they even deliver through DiningIn.

You know when you visit someone's house and you really feel like they are happy to see you? They do everything they can to put you at ease and make you comfortable. That is The Elephant Walk. The decor is bright and cheerful.

Their menus show that this restaurant cares about their customers, not just about the food. They know that everyone has different tastes and needs. There are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free alternatives. They have wine and dessert menus. They serve lunch, dinner, and Sunday Brunch.

The food is Cambodian-French and was a complete treat to eat. Below, as described on the menu, are the foods that we enjoyed for our Sunday Brunch.

In the interest of full disclosure, N got a little overly excited while I was taking pictures and blurted out to our waitress that I'm a food blogger. The croissants and the mousse dessert appear to be food blogger bonuses. We paid for everything else though!

Rouleaux (available Vegan)- Two Cambodian spring rolls filled with ground pork, crushed peanut,beanthread noodles, carrot and onion; served with fresh greens and herbs for wrapping and tuk trey on the side for dipping.

Chilled Avocado Citrus Soup (Vegan)- Freshly squeezed orange and lime juices, avocado, tomato, and button mushroom; garnished with cilantro (gluten-free). I loved this soup!!

Saumon à la Crème de Poireaux et Champignons - Atlantic salmon filet pan-roasted and topped with julienned leeks and Shiitake mushroom in a savory garlic and shallot cream sauce, over steamed potatoes(gluten-free).

Croustillants aux Poires et Crevettes Flambées - Crispy wontons layered with warm Bartlett pear and scallion, topped with natural shrimp flambéed with white wine, leeks and garlic.

Mousse aux Fruits de Passion - Refreshingly tart and sweet passion fruit mousse served in an almond lace cup; garnished with fresh pineapple macerated in dark rum, sugar and lemon juice.

Le Péché au Chocolat - A rich, creamy, chocolate truffle cake perfectly paired with raspberry sauce.

There are a couple of days left of Restaurant Week, so if you can, get walking to The Elephant Walk!

*Updated 7/8/09* - I've noticed several Google searches leading people to this post. They are usually looking for the recipe for the Chilled Avocado Citrus Soup. T was kind enough to leave a link to the recipe in the comment section. But since I'm not sure that everyone reads all the comments, I'll repeat it again in this post. Please click here for the recipe. Thanks again T!

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adele said…
I've been meaning to try Elephant Walk - just haven't gotten around to it yet. Sounds like delicious soup. :)
Asha said…
Ooh! Great array of food there, glad the enjoyed the bonus dessert too! Good to be a food blogger, huh? :))
Two words: Lemongrass Tofu. Theirs is awesome.
Erin said…
Great review! I love The Elephant Walk. I'm a huge fan of their Tuna dish that has the red and green sauces....obviously I have no recollection of what it is actually called, but it is just delicious.
Lisa Johnson said…
adele - I hope you can get there soon! ; )

asha - Yeah, sometimes the food blogger thing is kinda cool. ; )

skye - Thanks for stopping by again! I think I've seen you here before. I'll have to try that tofu next time.

erin - Welcome! And thank you for the kind words. They have such extensive menus that it's hard to keep everything straight. I'll have to look for that tuna dish too...
T. said…
The Elephant Walk is one of our favorites! My favorite soup there is the Somla Machou - heavenly! And teh rouleaux are to die for. I have DREAMS about those things.

I have their cookbook and still have fond memories of making a shrimp and coconut milk for my husband before we were married.
Wow, what a feast! I'd like to eat everything you showed that was gluten free. :-) Fantastic pictures!

Lisa Johnson said…
t - I can still taste the soup in my head! It would be nice to get a 10-gallon drum, fill it up with soup and bring it home!

Maybe we'll have to go there on one of our next outings. : )

GFE - You would love it! And I was so impressed with the care they took with their menus, so everyone could eat something there.
Brandi Reynolds said…
I'm an eat dessert for dinner kind of girl myself.

that last one looks right up my alley!
Lisa Johnson said…
brandi - Welcome! It was mighty tasty! ; )
T. said…
Found a posted recipe for that avocado citrus soup!

Lisa Johnson said…
t - Thank you! I just printed it and I'm saving it to delicious, so others can find it too! ; )

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