Not By Bread Alone

I'm very excited to share with you that I've written a Guest Post for The ConverStation, which is the blog for 90.9 WBUR, Boston's local NPR Station.

As you can probably guess, the post is about my thoughts on food and social media. I learned about food at my mother's knee, so I shared this picture of the two of us when I was still a wee little one. Writing this was an absolute delight.

I hope you'll read the post. And I want to thank Ken George for the opportunity to share my thoughts.

*Updated 6/27/10* Unfortunately The ConverStation, where my guest post was originally located, no longer exists, so I've removed the dead links from this post.

*Updated 9/12/2010* The post is back again. Find it here.

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I just read your guest post...great job and congrats on the opportunity. Such a cute picture of you! Thanks for sharing!
S said…
Ok, it's probably not possible to have a picture of a kid eating (is that cake?) that isn't cute, but that looks like a particularly happy little girl.

Congrats on the guest post.
Nance said…
I think the point you made about food making memories stronger is a very good one. It's no surprise that some of our fondest memories of loved ones revolve around family dinners, favorite recipes, or the smells of baked goods. Food = Love is a common equation!
FH said…
You look so cute there, I love your mom's dress too, very Summery! :)

Will go and read your guest post.
Lisa Johnson said…
style & inspiration - Thank you so much! I appreciate both comments! :D

s - You got it! That's cake smeared all over my face. And I cannot say that was the last time that happened. ; )

nance - I'm more of a "word" person, but the food = love equation is one that I can understand! :D

asha - Thank you! I love her dress too! I was telling her that she looks very "Michelle O" in the picture. : )
Suldog said…
Very nice. I left a comment over there.
Josephine said…
that photo is too adorable! your mom is trying to clean you up in her pretty dress, but you're just smiling for the camera. very cute!

great article, too! i agree. sharing a meal brings people together like nothing else. i would also add that there is a unique joy in cooking for people who enjoy eating. to feed people is to nurture them and make them feel good, and i think that kind of gesture is so important in this global climate.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Double thank you! ; )

josephine - Thank you so much. And I agree that to cook for someone really is to nurture them on a very primal level. If we want to really go back to when we were babies, someone else feeding us was a matter of life or death.
very good post and I hope they use more of your writing over there.
Cynthia said…
I'm off to read now. Such an adorable child you were. Look at the winning smile.
Lisa Johnson said…
endangered coffee - Good to see you here again! Thanks for the the kind words.

cynthia - Thank you! And I appreciate your comment over there too!
T. said…
Great post! So glad you've been appreciated by one of my favorite radio stations!
Lisa Johnson said…
t - Thank you! :D
What a special picture of you and your mom. You looked so sweet and boy, was your mom stylish!

Congrats on the guest post. :-) The point you made about people relaxing with food is a good one. Sadly, I don't think everyone does it though. My husband and I've noticed that lots of people come and go while we're enjoying a meal out together. Anyway, you're right, food, family, and friends all go together in often magical ways.

Lisa Johnson said…
GFE - Welcome! And thank you so much for the sweet words. You make a very valid and interesting point. There are many who don't have a good relationship with food and eating, whether alone or with others. Hmmm. Something to think about some more. Maybe a future post brewing...

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