Sticky Situation Solved

Well, sort of solved for the moment. For me at least. I'm talking about our peanut butter mess here in the United States.

I'm running out of peanut butter. I admit to looking at it on the shelves in the stores. I look and think about my close to empty jar at home. Then I think about salmonella and decide to wait a little longer until things get sorted out a bit more by the FDA. I tend to buy the store brand and not the major national brands, which are supposed to be fine, so I've been a bit concerned. They keep expanding the recall.

By the way, the FDA's website seems to have some pretty good information. They even have their own Peanut-Containing Product Recall Widget for people to add to their blogs. I tried adding the widget to my sidebar, but it was too wide and I couldn't adjust it, so I'm removing it. Why can't all widgets be 180 pixels wide for people with three column blogs? But I digress.

So how is the problem solved for me? Well, in just two days. Yes, two days! On Feburary 5, 2009, it will be World Nutella Day 2009! And we are all encouraged to eat Nutella. So I'm going to be baking up something with that wonderful chocolaty hazelnut spread. I baked muffins last year.

Check out this list of Nutella Recipes. You can never say you couldn't find a recipe on how to use Nutella. This year I'm working on something new. Will you be enjoying Nutella on Thursday?

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Asha said…
I always buy JIF PB, we are okay so far I guess! :)

Don't like Nutella much, so I am saying "NO"! :D
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I guess this is a case for buying name brands. Not a big hazelnut fan?
S said…
I have to agree with Asha. Nutella and I do not get along. I'm also not a big pb eater, though. My spread of choice has always been cream cheese.
Nance said…
Asha and S--I'm so happy to hear that! MORE NUTELLA FOR ME!!!!!!

Nutella and I have a very close relationship. I cannot live without it. My latest passion is Nutella spread on Trader Joe's Petite Palmiers. Who needs a valentine?
Lisa Johnson said…
s - I like cream cheese too, but don't buy it on a regular basis. Although, I have some that I had planned to bake with and it's still sitting there. I'm hoping to clean my fridge today and I guess I'll have to look at it. I'm hoping for no mold!

nance - It's good just eating it straight out of the jar too. ; )

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