Meet-Up + Eat-Up @ WBUR

I blogged before about the food blogger event taking place at 90.9 WBUR, Boston's NPR Station.

Well the event took place Thursday night and was quite a good time. Finding parking was more of a problem than I had anticipated, so I was a bit late.

I always look forward to going to these events, but I'm equally nervous. Will I have anyone to talk to? Will people like me? Will I find horrible looking photos of me online after? It's like grade school all over again. Well, except for the photos.

One thing that I notice more and more each time I attend an event like this, is that it is very difficult to interact with people, listen to the speakers, eat, and get a lot of good pictures. Maybe some people can do all of them, but I haven't managed it yet. My pictures are very few and not very good. But I did meet a bunch of nice people, snacked on some good food, heard some very interesting stories, and once again had more fodder to ponder this whole blogging thing that we do.

When I walked in, there were a lot of people seated around a square table and the perimeter. Everyone was introducing themselves. I was surprised that many people who attended weren't actually blogging yet, food or otherwise. They were thinking about it and wanted to learn more. After the introductions, we zoomed over to the food.

One person that I was especially excited to meet was Jennifer Adams from the wonderful blog Palate To Pen, which I've been reading for several months now. She was so sweet! We were standing in line for food and she came over and introduced herself. So nice to see a friendly and familiar face!

I really enjoy her writing style and she always has something new and interesting. Have you ever heard of a red tea latte? Check out her take on this event.

I also finally got to meet WBUR's Ken George, who hosted this Public Radio Kitchen event. He was just as nice as I expected. It's always such a treat to finally meet the person behind the blog, the tweet, and flickr photos, that I admire.

There were many blog cards being passed around the table, but they somehow managed to elude me. *sigh* I did snag one from Krina Patel though. Isn't it pretty? Krina has a great blog called Curcumari and her card includes a recipe for Mango Lassi, which is one of my favorites. What a great idea!

I briefly spoke with Leah Klein, who is one of the Boston Examiners. I also met Owen Mack, who owns the store KitchenArts on Newbury Street in Boston. I may need to contact him with some knife sharpening questions. My knifes are old and I've never sharpened them. That can't be good.

I also learned about TweetDeck, which is a website where you can organize twitter more effectively. I learned this from Owen and another very nice blogger, whose name I cannot remember and blog I cannot find online. {Updated - His name is Bruce Tretter, and his blog is Gotta Eat, Can't Cook.}

This is why I wish I had gotten more blog cards! I always assumed TweetDeck was some sort of iPhone app, and I don't have one, so I never looked into it. The things you learn at these meet-ups!

There was also a write-up of the event by Tina of Carrot 'n' Cake. I saw her, but didn't get a chance to meet her. She's right about the cranberry chocolate-chip cookies. I so wanted to eat more!

Well that's about it. It was a good time and I look forward to my next blogger meet-up! Have you met any bloggers in "real life" recently or maybe even not so recently?

*Updated 3/4/09* Here's a post with a listing of the bloggers who were at the event and links to their blogs.

*Updated 6/27/10* The ConverStation blog no longer exists, so those dead links were removed.

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Anali, This sounds like it was a great event. I'm still pretty new to blogging so I wish I could have been there to hear all of the cool things bloggers are up to. I'll have to see if there's anything like this is KC.
dmarks said…
Sounds like a lot of hungry bloggers out there.
Anonymous said…
Lisa, I was so happy to meet you as well! I hope that the station holds these events regularly to encourage our blog community to keep in touch and expand. Thanks also for the links to my blog :)
Lisa Johnson said…
style and inspiration - I'm sure there are some KC area bloggers, who'd probably love to get together. If you search around a bit, you might be able to find them. Good luck! ; )

dmarks - Very hungry!! :D

jen - I'm really looking forward to the next event too! Thanks for stopping by here and you are quite welcome for the links! : )
Anonymous said…

Thanks for the terrific write-up.
It was great to meet you last week, and it sounds like you had as much fun as I did.

I am very impressed with the quality of writing and passions expressed in blogs like yours. "You, our listeners" are one smart, thoughtful bunch!

Look forward to reading more posts in the years to come and seeing you at our next open house.

Keep on blogging!
Anonymous said…
Good meeting you, too, Lisa. Nice write up.
Lisa Johnson said…
ken george - Thanks so much for stopping by here! Blog on! ; )

bruce tretter - Welcome! Glad I was able to find your blog. : )
Lisa Johnson said…
kaylee - Welcome! Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment. I'll have to drop by your blog and look around a little more too. Summer is coming and I may be looking for a small grill. ; )
amisha said…
this looks like so much fun! and i feel the same way about meeting folks- very nervous, but it is always great fun :) it always amazes me what a wonderful community we have here.
(and mango lassi is my favorite drink ever :) )
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I guess we all get nervous, but the fun is worth it. : )

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