Isn't This Cool?

Get your twitter mosaic here.

I found Twitter Mosaic via Steve Garfield's blog Off On A Tangent.

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Margie said…
Very cool, Anali!
I'm not on Twitter, though!

Anonymous said…
I see a familiar looking lion in there... nice one L.
Tera said…
Wow how elaborate! This is fantastic Anali! :)
That's very cool. I am new to Twitter and am amazed at how many tweeps there are out there!
Lisa Johnson said…
margie - Thanks! You should join!

mosilager - He's pretty easy to spot! ; )

tera - Thank you!

style and inspiration - Thanks for stopping by! It's pretty amazing. So many people and businesses are on there now. Sometimes it's easier to get situations resolved via twitter than by phone or email.

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