Cupcakes: Are You My Frenemy?

Cupcakes. I love you. But are you really worth it? Sure, you're easy to make. With this recipe, I can whip you up in just minutes. You taste even better topped off with this frosting . And there's even frosting left over for next time. And we both know there's always a next time. Because I can't resist you.

Are you my frenemy? Let's be real. I've ramped up my exercising and burned thousands of calories, just so I can keep up with you. I even joined BlogHer's Good Health-a-thon.

On my blog's lower left sidebar, I've written about my exercise goals with a widget called Getting Healthier In 2009. I'm even keeping an exercise log that everyone can see to keep me accountable.

It's been an uphill battle. My weekly goal has been to walk 12 miles each week. I've done it a few times, but not every week. Cupcakes. I'm doing this for you. I can't give you up. I don't want to. But I want to stay healthy.

I know we're not together every week. Just a couple of times a month. But even after you're gone, sometimes you remain with me. And not in a good way. I have to get better at sticking to my walking goal. Then I have to up the amount even. Especially as the weather gets warmer and I can walk outside.

Cupcakes. As I was thinking about frenemies, I saw this interesting video about toxic friendships. I don't think you're toxic, but you sure make me work to keep seeing you. Well, you've got a hold on me. For now, I think you're worth the effort.

*Updated 10/4/2010* Want to hear more about frenemies? Ira Glass did a show about them on This American Life.

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Josephine said…
i have a love-hate relationship with cupcakes, too! they're like the boy you know you should stay away from, but have a hard time resisting. (not that i've ever had any experience with that. ha, ha)
Eva said…
These look so good! How COULD you resist???

You can't.

Don't try.

Anonymous said…
I've recently fallen in love with cupcakes too. Yum. And I need to be dieting ... so not a good thing!
Suldog said…
Ah, I love learning something new! Frenemy will be my word for the day. Thank you!
Nance said…
Anali, dearest, you have frosting left over because there's not enough on those cupcakes!! LOL
Cynthia said…
Ah, the questions and soul-searching one must do in the name of food :)
Anonymous said…
Oi, then there are CUPCAKE SHOPPES! Don't even get me STARTED!
Lisa Johnson said…
josephine - LOL! Exactly!! :D

grey street girl - Welcome! I don't feel so guilty anymore. ;)

twenty four at heart - I try not to make them too often, because they don't last more than two days. Oh, not just me, G eats them too. I'm not quite that bad.

suldog - I hope you didn't have any actual frenemies that you had to deal with!
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - OMG! I cracked up when I read your comment. You have no idea the kind of time constraints I'm under. G literally hovers over me while I'm frosting them asking if they are done yet. I don't have time for much frosting!

cynthia - Yes. It's never ending, isn't it? ; ) - Welcome! I love cupcake shops! They are incredible! The cuteness factor is just off the charts. Before I baked as much at home, there was a bakery that I would stop by just about everyday and order one cupcake. After a while, the woman there referred to me as the cupcake lady! : )
How could something so good be responsible for any evil in the world?
Lisa Johnson said…
skye - Welcome! I know! It's just not right. :D
alessandra said…
Hahaha, this is a nice post.
Lisa Johnson said…
Thanks alessandra! ; )

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