Ping Me Please!

I've been trying to get Technorati to ping my blog for 18 days now and it still won't do it.

Apparently this has been a problem for many people, since PING is a huge topic in their support section. Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. The bread post will be up soon! Not that anyone on Technorati will notice. *sigh* Oh and Happy New Year!

*Updated* I found technorati on twitter!

Update #2 - Wow. The power of twitter. Just a couple of hours later and I got pinged by Technorati and have a comment here from a lead engineer. Thanks Ian!

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Suldog said…
Huh. I never have any problem with pinging at Technorati. Do you have the "Ping" page bookmarked? I assume you do, but...
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - Click on "PING" and you'll see that it's been a problem for many people besides myself.
dmarks said…
Happy New Year!

Sorry, I've seen Technorati's name, but have never had any idea what it is.
Anonymous said…
A number of Blogspot and Wordpress blogs that were migrated to our new crawlers last month had failed crawl states, we've been working through the issues though. This blog should be back in now, sorry about the grief.
Steve Hayes said…
One of my blogs had failed pings for 35 days. That was corrected three weeks ago, but two of my other blogs have failed to successfully ping since then. Since the problem is clearly widespread, it means that Technorati as a whole is a pretty out-of-date representation of what is going on the the blogosphere. You can use it to find out what people were talking about three months ago, but not what they are saying today.

And this is not a recent problem, it's been going on a long time -- see Notes from underground: Ping Technorati, Ping Technorati

And that's probably phy most people who come to my blogs come from Google, not Technorati. I don't think anyone bothers to look at Technorati any more, since they know it will be out of date.
Cynthia said…
Happy New Year!
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - Happy New Year!

ian kallen - Welcome! Thanks for the fix!

steve hayes - Thanks for dropping by! I agree that many blogs on technorati are out of date. Hopefully they'll get this fixed soon.

I know of at least one blogger who keeps a list of top blogs and uses technorati as a way of ranking them. It's a shame that the information isn't correct.

cynthia - Happy New Year! I hope things are going well with your book! ; )
plez... said…
i blog everyday and my last ping was 2 or 3 days ago... they do not keep up-to-date at Technorati... i feel your pain!
Anonymous said…
Twitter comes in handy for the darnedest things doesn't it!?
Lisa Johnson said…
plez - It is so annoying and I wish I didn't care at all. But I do. : )

twenty four at heart - It really does!! I'm so addicted now. ; )
Liz Dwyer said…
So it's not just me! It's been driving me CRAZY! My blog hasn't pinged in like 18 days or something, no matter how many times I try to get it to. Ugh!

But Happy New Year to you and yours, Anali! :)
Margie said…
Happy new year, Anali!
May 2009 bring you much joy & peace!

Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - It's definitely not only you. We've all been in a collective pingless nightmare for weeks! But Happy New Year anyway! ; )

margie - Happy New Year to you too! So nice to see you! ; )

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