Two more days to go! Ready for our new president? I sure am.

Have some more fun preparing for the transition with a cool picture. Click here to Obamacize one of your pictures.

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Nina said…
That cool! I'm going to try that!
S said…
Less than 24 hours now! I think we might actually make it.
shilpa said…
That's so neat!!!!!! I'm gonna try that!!!
Anonymous said…
Very cool!! Today is an amazing day! :-)
dmarks said…
Great link. I went overboard with it in my blog.
Lisa Johnson said…
nina - Happy New Year! I haven't seen you around in a while.

s - We made it!!!

shilpa - It was really fun!

jen - I'm still amazed by it all! :D

dmarks - LOL! Yes you did! I loved the Sleestak.

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