Happy MLK Day!

I hope you're all enjoying this amazing day. We are standing on the edge of history, as we remember one great man and within twenty-four hours move from one moment in time into another era as another great man takes the helm.

This picture entitled "Grandpa & MLK" is courtesy of Halcyon's Photostream on flickr. His grandfather, Dr. C. Elroy Shikles is on the left of Dr. King and Reverend M. C. Williams is on the right.

I was wondering if there were any different pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr. out there taken by regular people, so I searched flickr. This is a picture of a photo from a 1962 Rocky Mountain News article. Below is an excerpt of what Halcyon wrote about the photo.

"For my whole life, the real world and the world of myths was connected through the above picture.

The image of my grandfather, working with MLK as peers...it had a profound impact on me. It showed me that great men were not the creations of story books. But were the very same people as you and me. The picture was a reminder to me of the potential of every one of us."

Check out MLK Day photos on flickr and follow activities on twitter.

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Asha said…
Kids are off school, so relaxing and enjoying the inauguration "pre-show" on HBO. Kids have school tomorrow, I might have to record it all I guess! :))

Enjoy. Just heard the MLK "I have a dream" speech again, so powerful. Now, I am unhappy that I missed the opportunity to see that Museum in TN because it was closed.
Suldog said…
No doubt about Dr. King being a great man. I hope that President Obama does turn out to be one.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it just GREAT!! What an amazing day!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - What an amazing time this was! Not even just the day, but the whole election period leading up to Inauguration. It's amazing that we got to live through this. I don't think any of us will ever forget it.

suldog - I believe that Obama is already a great man. What he has done in terms of giving hope is immeasurable. Whether or not he will be seen as a great President, I guess that remains to be seen.

twenty four at heart - I'm still stunned sometimes. I wake up and remember that Obama is President! What a great feeling! : )
Anonymous said…
Happy MLK day... belated. The International Students Association at my old uni' used to get together and do things for people who couldn't help themselves... we went and raked old people's yards, cooked food for poor people, it was very rewarding to have that one day when you think about others.

Obama - it's amazing how the grassroots movement got him elected to the presidency. I'm happy with his choices on the science front so far.
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - Thank you! That sounds like a really good group of people. You had a day of service before it was even official. : )

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