FREE Breakfast In Harvard Square - Friday, January 30th

Celebrate January's Walk/Ride Day!

From 7am-9am, at the Holyoke Center and Forbes Plaza, located at 1350 Mass. Ave. in Harvard Square. Wear Green and Go Green and enjoy a free hot breakfast with lots of goodies in Harvard Square!

Breakfast is sponsored by the Harvard Square Business Association. Harvard Square businesses want to encourage people to go green! This event is part of Harvard Square's Winter Green Carnival 2009, with festivities from from January 15 to February 1.

Look here , here , and here for more information. Via Green Streets Initiative.

I won't be there, but free food should always be well publicized. I wonder if the City of Quincy could do a Walk/Ride Day?

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dmarks said…
I was in that Square once by accident. Horrendous traffic.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - Trying to park is even worse, but it's great to walk around.

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