New To Me - CupcakeCamp

The things you learn on twitter. I was on there while I was making Pad Thai and waiting for the chicken to cool. I saw this tweet about CupcakeCamp. CupcakeCamp??!!

I Googled around a bit, which led me to the CupcakeCamp website. They are streaming live right now from CupcakeCamp. Pretty cool.

I found these photos from the June 2008 CupcakeCamp event in San Francisco via Tyfn on flickr. The event happening today was also held there. And I just received a flickr mail from Tyfn letting me know about some photos from today's event. Below is a photo from today courtesy of Scott Beale / Laughing Squid. He also has a video here.

And apparently, the people who threw this event are going to show people how to do it in their cities. Hmmm. A CupcakeCamp in Boston would be pretty sweet. I think there's some interest.

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Anonymous said…
I am now craving a cupcake! Thank you very much! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I love the idea of a cupcake camp. I do miss them (they are hard to find here).
Suldog said…
Cupcakes! Can I come to camp and sample everybody's? Yum!
Anonymous said…
Yes, let's have one in Boston!
Lisa Johnson said…
twenty four at heart - You're welcome! ; )

nyc/caribbean ragazza - Hmmm. Not many cupcakes in Italy? I guess I always think of them as being pretty much everywhere. Interesting.

suldog - If there's one in Boston, we'd be able to try all of them! Well, as much as we could eat.

jen - Welcome! I hope we can have one here. I'll be looking around and will keep tweeting you. : )
amisha said…
oh my goodness... cupcake camp is my dream :) these look so so good!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I so love looking at pictures of cupcakes! So far I don't have anymore news about camp though.

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