Merry Christmas!

I'll be off blog for a couple of days, but wanted to share one of my favorite Christmas songs from when I was a kid. Remember Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol?

I found the video on YouTube and see that the song is actually called "The Lord's Bright Blessing." As a kid, the only words I remembered were "and razzleberry dressing."

That song was how I came up with the name And Razzleberry Dressing for the food blog that I used to write. I already baked my special holiday treat for tomorrow. Check out my gingerbread recipe here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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Dezel Quillen said…
Merry Christmas Anali :) Love the Biscotti on the post below; every time I visit your page it makes be hungry (lol). Wonder what kind of cookies you left Santa??????

Happy Sipping!
Nance said…
Best version EVER of Dickens' A Christmas Carol! Mr. magoo was born to play the role of Scrooge!
Big Boys Oven said…
We wanna wish you a jolly good boxing day and a great New Year . . .from us, Sunny & Sidney
I hope you had the merriest Christmas ever, my friend!
Lisa Johnson said…
dezel - Merry Christmas to you too! Santa received World Peace Cookies of course! ; )

nance - I guess I just need to get the DVD, because I'd like to see it every year and Network TV isn't cooperating. :D

big boys oven - Happy Holidays to you both too! But I'm not quite sure what Boxing Day is. We don't have that here in the US. I'll have to look it up in Wikipedia. ; )

susan - Christmas was wonderful and I hope yours was too. And thanks to you, I have increased my cookie baking repertoire! : )

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