Caroline Kennedy's Qualifications - A Poll

Since the last poll that I had on this blog was quite interesting and fun, I'd like to try another one.

According to some recent polls, most Americans feel that Caroline Kennedy is qualified to take over as Senator for Hillary Clinton.

I think she would be great. She is an intelligent writer and an attorney. She seems willing to learn, and I think that her heart is in the right place. Are there other people who may be more qualified? Maybe. There are probably more qualified people for each job that exists out there, but only one person will get it. Often it has to do with connections and personality. Is that fair? No. But life isn't fair.

*Please note that the alignment is off on the poll. I tried to fix it, but it appears to be an error with the polling website.*

And speaking of the Senate, I've been following the ongoing recount in Minnesota. Al Franken is winning at this point. I wonder how this will all pan out?

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Suldog said…
I think it would be truly stunning, just once, to have a recount come out to the exact same total as the first count. I can't recall a single instance of such a thing happening in my lifetime.
Lisa Johnson said…
suldog - It is rather disturbing. I guess we can assume that votes are counted incorrectly on a pretty regular basis.
dmarks said…
I remember the several Bush-Gore recounts. Weren't all of them different?

I remember those clunky voting machines with all the levers and the curtains. I wonder what was so wrong with those that they had to do away with them.
Lisa Johnson said…
dmarks - I think the counts were all different and it seems to be the case for most elections. I wonder if there were any recounts where they kept getting the same amount?

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