Voting Incidents Across The Country

I'm curious about what's happening with voting across the country, so I went to the website Our Vote Live. On this website, you are able to see live the reports that people have filed regarding problems with voting.

Below is a sampling of what I'm seeing right now on the website. I made slight edits for grammar and/or clarification.

"Lincoln, Delaware - Voter has not voted in last two elections, and is not listed on the list at her local presinct."

"Graham, North Carolina - Burlington at nursing home. She doesn't have vehicle. Nursing home has transportation, but won't take him to the polls. White roommate got absentee ballot. Father did not. Father did not request absentee ballot. Doesn't believe roommate's family was able to attend meetings either. Believes nursing home helped roommate."

"Buffalo, New York - At Maryville Middle School. Two young ladies are making disparaging comments to voters. Making voters uncomfortable."

"Arlington, Virginia - There were people waiting in line this morning over 2 1/2 hours. Evidently the problem was a shortage of the lists or machines to check voter registration so it slowed them down."

"Tucson, Arizona - Originally turned away because he did not have 2 forms of ID. This has never happened in previous times he has voted. His wife had gone to the same precinct and she was not required to show any ID."

"Jacksonville, Arkansas - He signed up at a voter drive and then was told he wasn't registered (he's not showing up in any data base either).

"Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Poll worker asked her to present ID even though she had voted there numerous times before. When she told the poll worker she wasn't required to show ID the poll worker became hostile. She eventually agreed to show her ID. The poll worker refused to reveal her name to the voter."

"Hampton, Virginia - Voter is the second caller to advise us that he registered at the Hampton DMV, but the registration does not appear on the VA site or the OurVote site. Advised him to cast a provisional ballot."

I really hope that everyone is able to vote today and there aren't too many serious problems. However, just looking at the live reports for a few minutes, there do seem to be many problems. I hope that things will be sorted out.

As I write this post, there have been 10,752 reports entered on Election Day and 53,148 reports entered since August 15, 2008. The numbers are only increasing.

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