I voted!!!

I'm not an early morning person by any means, but both G and I were wide awake at just past 6:00 am. I opened my eyes and was thinking that this is the day we have been waiting for. G said "Are you awake?" I said "Yes. Completely awake!"

We decided to go vote as soon as the polls opened in Massachusetts, which is 7:00 am. I NEVER vote this early. NEVER!! I mean EVER. In my whole life. I truly do not like mornings. I'm more awake at midnight. Oh, and we didn't go to sleep until around 1:00 am. Because I'm a night person. Wow, I'd better have some coffee before I crash. Or go take a nap. But I'm too on edge to sleep. Wow, this is not good. My head is starting to hurt.

Anyway, it was really cold out this morning, so we both pulled on our wool coats and buttoned up. In the mornings, there is no denying that it is late fall in Massachusetts. Although, I think it's supposed to reach the mid 60's this afternoon.

We went to our local polling place in Quincy, the City of Presidents, and arrived at 7:00 am. There was a line out the door. Not too long of a line, but still a line and people kept coming. Oh and the baked goods weren't out yet. We were there for about twenty minutes maybe, which isn't that bad. And I decided to vote for McCain/Palin at the last minute. McCain's last appearance on SNL really swayed me.

NOT!!! I very happily cast my vote for Obama/Biden! GObama!!! Now to try and remain sane for the rest of the day until the results come in.

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Yay! It's only 5:20 here in CA, so I wait a little while longer.
Kitty said…
Your post just made me so excited to vote!!! And get a free starbuck's I guess.

I love America! ;)
Anonymous said…
Honestly, I had a great deal of difficulty in pulling the lever for Obama..... Because there was no lever. We get magic markers and a paper ballot.

Go Obama!
Lisa Johnson said…
susan - What a day! What a vote! I'm just now starting to absorb the enormity of it all. I think I was shell shocked for a few days.

kitty - Welcome! That is the sweetest thing to say! Thank you! I enjoyed my coffee that day too. What an amazing time to be American!!!

chris - LOL! I don't think I've ever voted using a lever. We just had markers and paper ballots too. We did it! We did it!!!

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