I have some new layer cake tricks up my sleeve thanks to Hannah from the blog BitterSweet.

Today she was in Boston and did a layer cake decorating demonstration at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

I've posted before about my problems decorating layer cakes. I'm ready to try again and feel much more confident. Hannah did a really great job even though she said that she was nervous. I would have never guessed!

Her session was jam packed and she was swarmed with people wanting to talk to her after she was finished. We had briefly emailed before and she wanted me to introduce myself, so I quickly said, "hi", and then removed myself from the crowd. One woman asked if she could interview her for a few minutes. It was quite an event!

Right now I'm being fueled by the sugar from way too many Reese's peanut butter cups. They are so good! I'm so excited that I was finally able to figure out how to add the the second sidebar to my blog. How does it look? I did it with the help of Three Column Blogger. This is a wonderful resource.

And for more cake, check out this blog called Yes We Cake. It has every kind of Obama confection you can think of. I also want to try these Cupcakes For Change. Yes we can!

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starry said…
I think your blog looks great.looks like you are having a lot of fun cake decorating.
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that you enjoyed the demo, and it was great to get a chance to meet you! If only there hadn't been a million other people, I would have loved to chat more. :)
CapCity said…
Hey ANALI! LOVIN' your new header image:-). Thanx 4 dropping by my place, too! Always good to see U.
Cakespy said…
Awesome! Two sites I love! United!
Lisa Johnson said…
starry nights - It was great to see Hannah in action. I'm so excited to try a cake for myself now!!!

hannah - You were awesome!!! It was great to meet you and I'll have to report back on my next layer cake ecorating attempt. Hopefully very soon! ; )

capcity - Thank you! I get bored so easily, so it's fun trying something new each month.

cakespy - Thank you! It's always so cool to meet other bloggers. ; )

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