Thursday, October 9, 2008

He's The One

That was quite a debate the other night. I was going nuts on twitter. Someone emailed me this logo, so I had to use it. Here's an interesting article stating "Barack Obama Will Defeat John McCain—This One's Over."

I'm getting ready to drive for the first time since my surgery. It's three weeks today. Oh, I just sneezed and it really hurt. I hope I didn't pop a stitch.

Anyway, I'm going go to the library to pick up The Secret Life of Bees, which I put on hold. I'm really looking forward to the movie.

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Los Angelista said...

So many of my friends on Facebook have changed their profile pictures to that image. I don't think McCain expected his phrasing to be such a mobilizing call!

I referred to you in my blog today. Come by and see. And glad you're healing enough to drive!

ParisBreakfasts said...

LOVE your button!!
I loved Secret Life-wonderful book worth the trip to get it.
Heal quicklu Anali!!!


starry nights said...

love your button too.cute!

Librarian Lee said...

I'm going to read The Secret life of Bees this weekend too!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I'm sorry to hear about your surgery, Anali. I've been away for a couple of weeks and am just now catching up. I'm sending well wishes your way. As for the book, I read it when it came out and loved it. I'm hoping the movie is as good.

Cynthia said...

So glad to hear that you are getting back to doing routine things.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I read the secret life of bees when it first came out. I hope the movie is as good as the book. I also was going nuts on twitter during the debate. Love your button!

So Simple said...

HI Anali

Read Bees a while ago yet another great book.
Watched the debate the other day. McCain is looking very old and his continual reference to old Republican presidents was not really looking forward as we all should be doing in these turbulent times.
Obama has a great voice that should win him the job of nothing else does.


Anali said...

los angelista - Thanks for the shout out! ; )

parisbreakfasts - So good to see you here again Carol! Thanks for the good wishes.

starry nights - Thanks! :D

librarian lee - I ended up getting another book on hold too, so I have to finish that one first. How are you liking it?

Anali said...

susan - Thanks for the good wishes! I'm doing great!

cynthia - Thank you! Driving went well, so I've been out and about a few times.

twenty four at heart - I haven't heard much about how people liked the movie. I wonder how it was?

so simple - I hope you're right! He's gaining in the polls, but anything can happen in just days, never mind weeks.

Truby Johnson Jr. said...

Hello Anali,
Just passing thru and wanted to say
hello and have a great day. Hope all is well with you...see ya

Anali said...

truby johnson jr. - Welcome! Thanks for the good wishes and I hope you drop by again! : )

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