Flickr Friday - It's all about you!

Bailar by ChicagoEye.

I was reading this post on decor8, which got me thinking. One of the fun things about using flickr is looking at pictures taken by other people. You can tag your "favorites" and then look at them whenever you want. At the moment, I have 269 favorites and counting!

Blogger Ez summed up my feelings exactly when she said that "... there was a semblance of order to the things I liked. I spotted a trend immediately, and have been fascinated to see myself revealed through the collection of my favorites ever since."

Day 352 by 365 bunnies.

I started thinking that it would be fun to look at all of YOUR favorites. If you're already on flickr, please leave me a link to your favorites in the comment section.

If you don't have a flickr account yet, this would be a great time to join and leave links to pictures that you love. Let us all see you.

Or just leave any kind of nice comment. I'm easy like that. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said…
I love going through people's faves. It's so much fun seeing what other people like. I like the flickr community, they're generally very friendly and know a lot about photography.
Lisa Johnson said…
mosilager - Flickr really is a great community. In the past couple of months, I've just started exploring it more. I've been looking for different group pools to join. There are so many cool ones out there!
amisha said…
here's my faves!
Lisa Johnson said…
amisha - I love your faves! I faved a few of yours too! ; )

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