The Foodie Blogroll - Updated

Finally! I've updated The Foodie Blogroll. I first joined the blogroll last June, but many more blogs have been adeed since then and Jenn has done so much work updating the website. Thank you for all your hard work Jenn!

I realized that I had the wrong code, so I've fixed it. Now on my right sidebar, you can see the blogroll in its full and delicious glory. If you're interested in finding out more about The Foodie Blogroll, click here.

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Thistlemoon said…
Thanks! :)
Glad you have the new code and thanks for the mention! I appreciate it!
Lisa Johnson said…
jenndz - You're quite welcome! ; )
Anonymous said…
I'm probably the only food blogger out there who doesn't have the Foodie blogroll. hehe. Oh maybe someday! :-)

Yes, i like to be vague like that!
Lisa Johnson said…
zen chef - You do like to keep us guessing! ; )

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