Flickr Friday - Scones

This photo is titled "simple scones and an equally simple strawberry jam" and was taken by chotda. I love the simplicity of the photo and the vibrant red contrasted with the muted shades of beige and cream. It's very soft and calming and reminds me of morning light.

There's also a nice scone recipe along with the picture. This photographer also goes by the name Santos. She is a food blogger who blogs at The Scent of Green Bananas all the way in Guam.

Every Friday, I'm going to play Editor and find all sorts of cool flickr photos to spotlight here. I have to admit that I got the idea from this cool new blog called LensHouston by Karen Walrond aka Chookoolonks. Her work inspires me to no end.

Whenever I see pictures that I love on flickr, I add them to my favorites. My collection is growing and I hope that you'll keep checking back to see my new favorites. Like this, this and this. Here's a slideshow of my favorites, so you can see them all in a bigger format.

This week's Flickr Friday theme is: Scones. Over the past few weeks, I've realized that I really do have a special place in my heart and stomach for scones. I really like them. A lot. I bake them all the time. I searched "scones" and filtered the results by most interesting.

Check these out! Who would think that you would see this or this? And isn't this lovely? I love this one too.

I hope you enjoyed this week's theme. I'm working on the theme for next Friday. What would you like to see here?

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AVIANA said…
hey there...nope not a scone lover..they're too hard and not gooey and sweet enough for me... :(

how are you?
Nance said…
I'm not into scones, either. I'd rather have a nice, soft chunk of homemade bread if I'm having a bread-y thing.
So So Simple said…
Oh Anali You must tell your friends (commenting above) that of course scones are a vehicle for butter and Jam and cream. I have a recipe which would win them over.
By the way the Chocolate scones went over very well with the musos.
Lisa Johnson said…
aviana - True. Scones aren't gooey in general, but they shoudn't be hard. Maybe you just need to try some better scones! ; )

nance - Hmmm. None of the scones that I've eaten were hard unless they were kind of old from a store. The ones I make are fairly soft. I feel like I need to have a scone challenge to encourage people to try them. I think scones are getting a bad rap...

so simple - I'm so glad they liked the scones! I'm looking forward to a post.

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