Another Scone Bites The Dust

Did you know that the first draft of this song by Queen was really about scones?

When Jon Deacon was penning the lyrics, he was really hungry - thinking about the perfect chocolate scone with white chocolate chips.

Deacon imagined himself eating them one by one. You got it. Another scone bites the dust. But then he decided that not everyone likes scones, so he should make the lyrics appeal to a wider audience. He changed "scone" to "one" and the rest is musical history.

Now if you believe that, I'll bake you a dozen scones for a million dollars. Either way, these scones were really good.

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Liz Dwyer said…
That was really funny! Now I've got that bass line and "Another scone bites the dust" stuck in my head!
Cakespy said…
I like this far better than any other possible explanation for the song!!
Daisy said…
We used to sing "I'm a little teapot? to the tune of "We will rock you" at camp. Oh, if Queen knew what people did with their songs!
Lisa Johnson said…
los angelista - It just popped into my head and stuck there! I don't know why, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. ; )

cakespy - I guess it could have happened like that... ; )

daisy - Welcome! This is probably just the tip of the iceberg! ; )

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