Summertime Somerville Strolling

Saturday night was the perfect summer night. Clear and not too warm. Way too nice to be inside, so G and I drove North to Somerville.

Well, it's not too North really, but for us South Shore people there is often a big divide and debate between the North Shore and the South Shore. Actually, I'm the South Shore person and G grew up in Boston.

We parked in Davis Square and just walked around. I brought my camera just in case. Since it was warm, G could have a little dairy, so we shared some Rum Raisin ice cream from JP Licks.

We were on one street that was really pretty. Everyone had flowers and decorative plants in the front yard. Flowers growing in gardens and blooming on trees - in baskets, boxes, or planters. The fragrance was overwhelming and I stopped walking to take it all in.

I pulled out my camera and started shooting. Besides all the flowers and pants, everyone had cute little sofas and chairs on their porches. I think the neighbors are trying to outdo each other. And isn't this the cutest diner?

As we were walking down the street, we saw a cute little cat. It crossed the street and came over to us and really took to G.

G pet it and I took a picture just as the cat decided to turn and walk away. Because it was a really nice night for a walk.

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FH said…
Sounds like a great Saturday!:))

We had rain on Sunday night here, what a relief after 2 weeks of dry heat and looking at yellow lawns!
Lisa Johnson said…
asha - I'm glad that you got some rain. We had a mostly nice week except for one severe hail storm. I've never seen anything like it in person, just the movies. Luckily I watched from inside, then it was gone as quickly as it blew in and was sunny and nice again.
Anonymous said…
Lovely photo of the diner...
Lisa Johnson said…
bipolarlawyercook - Thanks! ; )

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