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I haven't written any tales from the T in quite some time, because nothing particularly remarkable has happened. Well I don't know what was in the air last night or in the stars, but I couldn't help but noticing three couples arguing. Maybe they weren't arguing, but just having animated conversations at a heightened volume. I don't know.

Walking down Summer Street towards South Station, to my left I heard a woman talking rather loudly. She said, "You always do that!" Then he denied it. She was tall and they were both wearing very casual clothes. I was walking really fast, so I didn't hear much else. Then at the entrance to South Station to my right, a dressed up couple was talking really loudly too. I was more focused on making my train than listening to them, so I couldn't hear what they were saying. I should have lingered a bit, because I waited twenty minutes for the train.

When I got out at Wollaston, there was another couple at the entrance talking loudly. But they could have just been playing around, because they seemed to be sort of wrestling with each other. It's interesting seeing these little snapshots of people's lives.

My curiosity about the possible planetary influences last night got the best of me, so I just found an astrological prediction for yesterday. There was something going on! Look here. Below is an excerpt from KT theAstrologer at BlogHer.
"Well, it’s here at last — Mars opposing Jupiter. About ten days ago I posted a list of keyword phrases for these two can-do planets. At the risk of being repetitive, here are just a few of the myriad possibilities for the energy being created today: increased aggression and pushing things too far."

Did anyone else notice these types of interactions last night?

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I noticed the opposite type of interaction last night. I get on at Downtown Crossing and there was a couple making out at the top of the stairs. If I had to rate the romance potential of individual T stations, I'm not sure Downtown Crossing would be at the top of my list...
Well, I'm in San Diego, and a couple had a huge fight at a Starbucks which ended with her in tears and him apologizing. It was a disaster. Coincidence? Or not?
dmarks said…
I think it has been years since I've been in any sort of subway.

By the way, are you still reading "Audacity of Hope" ?
Babz Rawls Ivy said…
Hey I love KT the Astrologer, I subscribe! There was defintely something up!
Tera said…
The other day, a girl caught her man in the car with another woman...sped up and pulled her car in front of his blocking it at a green light! The traffic that was piling up was pissed until the car behind him back up...then he did and went around her. She got in her car and proceeded to chase him down the street.
Lisa Johnson said…
alicia - Welcome! I would definitely not give Downtown Crossing high ratings for romance either. Especially given the many aromas in the area.

susan - You noticed it too! I knew something was up!

dmarks - Oh you called me on it! Yes, I'm still reading it. Well, that's the problem I haven't been reading it. I've been catching up on my magazines, which are more portable, so I can read them on the T. I have the book in hardcover and it doesn't fit in my new bag very well. I haven't had a chance to do much reading except for when I'm commuting.

lovebabz - She's good isn't she? I just noticed on your blog that you're speaking at BlogHer this year. That's wonderful! I'm not going to be able to attend the main conference this year, but I plan to go to the regional meeting in Boston.

tera - Wow! People are nuts! I wonder how it ended.
Hallie Fae said…
I saw/heard a couple arguing in the supermarket parking lot. I dunno about anyone else but I find it very uncomfortable. I tried not to listen but it was impossible...they then continued yelling at each other while walking together to shop. Odd.
Lisa Johnson said…
hallie fae - Welcome! I agree. It is VERY uncomfortable! I've also seen couples actually beating each other on the street. That is really odd!

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