Stuff Educated Black People Like

I am loving this blog that I just found about yesterday. I was reading this article about another very popular blog. I cannot believe that this guy got a book deal already!

*Updated* - You're right Nance. I guess I should at least tell you a few things from the list that I like too. Okay, I'm going down the list and just scanning quickly.

Yes, I like day spas!

Oprah, yup her too!

Jazz, check. And of course I love all of those on the list! But I guess sadly for me, I realized how much I loved Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong when I was in Paris, which I love. Ooops, wrong list! See that's just annoying.

Barack Obama. Yes we can! He's on this other list too, but for different reasons. He hasn't yet made this one. But also I don't know who is behind this list...

I don't eat mammals, just poultry and seafood, so of course I like turkey bacon and sausage! Oh and I was actually eating roasted chicken when I read the part about baked chicken! Hilarious!

I have no cable. I think my money is better spent elsewhere, but I do read CNN and watch the video online.

My hair is natural and it was very freeing to stop relaxing it.

Okay, you get the idea. I can identify with quite a few things on the list. Even those things that I couldn't personally identify with, I certainly know people who could. Anyway, it's kind of fun to look at those lists and get people talking. Maybe these blogs are opening up a conversation about race in this country that is long overdue.

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Nance said…
Oh my. How entertaining. The entries on Howard U. and Dressing Up were hysterical.

Now, confess, Anali. How much of it rings true for you?
Suldog said…
I think any time we can talk about race relations in a relaxed atmosphere and with humor - and maybe see a lot of ourselves in others - it is as good as it gets. Bravo to the authors of those lists!
Anonymous said…
I haven't check what 'the list is', but I am here to thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you do so again.

I Must Confess
Lisa Johnson said…
nance - I confessed! : )

suldog - I agree. It's just a starting point. Just reading the list doesn't do much, but reading why certain things were on the list was quite interesting, funny, and sort of disturbing at the same time.

serendipity - Well thanks for dropping by here too! ; )
Cakespy said…
Ooh, this stuff is like cultural candy to me. It was interesting to see what rings true for you--and I too am intrigued with opening up the discussion about race in the country! It's very interesting to me--thanks for revving up my brain this morning :-)
Anonymous said…
I think the blog is entertaining.
Mizrepresent said…
Hey Anali, just wanted to drop by and say HI!
Saadia said…
Hi, Anali,
Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. I enjoyed reading your post.
David Sullivan said…
I love worn out stereotypes because they are sooo ridiculous they are funny. I think thats why Chappel and Rock are great. That blog is funny as fu..
Lisa Johnson said…
cakespy - I'm glad you liked it and to add some blog caffeine to your morning. : )

anonymous - Thanks for stopping by!

mizrepresent - Thanks for the visit! I hope that your stepfather is doing better.

girly_girl - Welcome! And thanks!

david sullivan - I'm always glad to share the laughter and hopefully add some thought as well. : )

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