Spring & Memory

Memory is a funny thing. You never know what connections your mind will make of random things. This was only supposed to be a post about Easter and Spring and flowers and happy times. I had a great Easter dinner with my family yesterday. Then I received my daily quote.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch. - Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) American Science Fiction Writer

It's a seemingly innocent quote, but it reminds me of my late Property professor. He always used to say "There's no such thing as a free lunch. Somebody always pays." Then he would start talking about the Tragedy of the Commons.

I took every course that I could with him - Property, Tax, Intellectual Property, and Artificial Intelligence and the Law. He was truly brilliant. A modern day philosopher and hysterically funny. He could have been a stand up comedian if he hadn't been a law professor. He died very suddenly right before I took the Bar Exam. I remember being in a BARBRI lecture when someone told me. I couldn't believe it.

Maybe I've been thinking about people who died suddenly, because two people that I knew died out of the blue within the past few weeks. We all went to Brandeis University, but I didn't meet them until after college. I had lost touch with both of them and hadn't seen them in the past few years, but they were really nice people. Both so young. I guess I'm still processing it all.

Well, this isn't the post that I had planned for it to be, but maybe it's the post that was supposed to be.

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Lovely post, and I love how you just followed your train of thought where it wanted to go; I agree with you that sometimes (many times) this is best.
Lisa Johnson said…
bleeding espresso - Thanks! I really appreciate your comment. : )

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