Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black Blog Rankings - March 2008

Black History Month may be over, but that doesn't mean that we don't keep making history. Have you wondered who are the most influential black bloggers? Or maybe you just wondered who is in the black blogosphere. Well, wonder no more. There is a list!

At the beginning of each month, Electronic Village issues a new list. The current list has 871 blogs and it continues to grow each month. In case you're wondering, I'm number 134.

Check out Electronic Villager's post announcing this month's list. And just stop by the blog for some very interesting and informative reading.

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Jeena said...

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

That is a great idea, but i must say i dont agree with u, its our history each month of the year as far as im concern. nice spot

Villager said...

Asante sana Anali!

peace, Villager

Anali said...

jeena - Welcome! I'll be stopping by. Thanks for letting me know about it.

torrance stephens bka all-mi-t - I think we do agree. The point that I was trying to make is that black history is not confined to February. I've written about my view of this here before on several posts.

villager - You're welcome! Thank you for all that you do!

Gunfighter said...

Congrats on the ranking, Anali!

CapCity said...

go head, Sistah Anali!

Anali said...

gunfighter - Thanks! And congrats to you on the spotlight for being the 900th blog!

capcity - Thanks! ; )

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